Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone: Legal Escort turns “business” into “Winning Business”

2022-06-04 0 By

In recent days, the political and legal departments of Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone have been closely following the theme of the “great Discussion”, adhering to the principle of proactive service, equal protection, and standardized law enforcement, and making every effort to participate in and promote the optimization and improvement of the business environment.Be an observer.Recently, the political and legal departments of the Rare Earth High-tech Zone have extensively solicited opinions from enterprises in the zone through wechat, email, telephone and other channels, so as to gain an in-depth understanding of the difficulties, pain points, blockage points, most complaints and annoyances in the development of enterprises, fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises, timely comb and summarize materials, and do a good job in coordination, communication and dispatching.At the same time, we will do a good job in publicity and guidance, widely show the results of the discussion of the high-tech zone to the society, break down barriers between various departments, strengthen cooperation and cooperation, and ensure the steady progress of various tasks.Organized a “send method into the enterprise” activities, establish the franco-prussian volunteer team, regularly carry out support policies and laws of development of private enterprises knowledge popularization activity, let the enterprise comprehensive understanding of relevant policies and laws and regulations, strengthen enterprise managers and employees in accordance with the operation and management, in accordance with the law in accordance with the law consciousness, for the enterprise development and create a good environment for the rule of law.At present, 16 activities of “Sending law into enterprises” have been carried out.Thirty-one lawyers with expertise in contract disputes, equity disputes, intellectual property disputes and creditor’s rights disputes have been selected to form a team of lawyers to optimize the business environment and resolve disputes involving enterprises.So far, the lawyers’ teams have resolved 23 disputes involving enterprises, and the legal aid center has provided legal assistance in 21 cases of migrant workers seeking their salaries.Be a good “orderly”.Public security bureau to take the main leadership “lian” and “an informed” service items, precision to the enterprise to carry out the “one to one” service, the area near firms into the registration information, to find out the number and the status quo, set up alarm linkage WeChat group of enterprises, the real-time online dialogue, build convenient communication channel;The Procuratorate implements the “Inspection and enterprise” co-construction mode, in which one member of the leading group of the Procuratorate takes charge of one park. Through the combination of “online and offline”, the procuratorate understands the legal problems existing in the production and operation of enterprises and actively helps enterprises solve practical difficulties.Provide “ordering” and “ordering” legal services for enterprise compliance operation, production safety, labor and employment risks, contract signing and fulfillment, etc.The court issued 13 measures to provide judicial services for private enterprises and small and micro enterprises, enabling more examination and approval services to be “handled immediately, online, nearby and at a time”.We will protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and solve their problems.The political and legal departments of the Rare Earth High-tech Zone listened to the development needs of enterprises, learned about their own weaknesses and weaknesses, and made every effort to escort the development of enterprises and promote the effectiveness of the “great Discussion” activities through extensive consultation, field visits and symposia.