In Thailand, sun Wukong has to abide by international treaties of peace and friendship

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If you’ve ever been surprised by the imagination of Thailand’s bizarre advertising campaigns, you’ll know by the end of this article that they don’t just come up with them in a day.On May 31, 1975, a film about “Journey to the West” was released in Thailand, called “Hanuman vs Sun Wukong”.Produced by Awswin Pictures and directed by Paitoon Ratanont, the film features Boonyong, Pairote Jaising, Prisana Chabaprai and others.The film is very “A Big Tale of the West” in the non-describable style, mainly tells the story of Hanuman and Sun Wukong.Hanuman is the monkey representative in The Indian literature Ramayana, and Sun Wukong is the monkey representative in the Chinese classical literature.In the film, The Monkey King travels to Thailand after shrinking and hiding himself in a Thai flight attendant’s suitcase.Monkey King came to Thailand is very naughty, flying everywhere, once flew over the temple also met god Shiva.The great Lord Shiva saw sun Wukong going around disturbing other people’s lives on TV, mistaking it for Hanuman to make trouble, so he called Hanuman to severely criticize him.Hanuman denied this and asked Lord Shiva to reconfirm their image.After comparison, the facts were clarified, and Hanuman knew that it was the Monkey King from China who had come to Thailand, so he went to find him.But Sun Wukong became Chinese businessman to walk into bath center, Hanuman had to read incantation, force Sun Wukong to appear, which know Sun Wukong used a split body art, although Hanuman killed another “Sun Wukong”, but did not kill sun Wukong’s true body from beginning to end.Lord Shiva’s helper also came to Hanuman’s aid, and the two monkeys began to fight more violently.During the fighting, Hanuman called in his troops to help.Sun Wukong also tang’s monk, Sand monk, pig eight quit three please to Thailand, ready to fight in the mountains.When the final battle was about to begin, Lord Shiva appeared and pointed out that Thailand and China had always been friendly countries, so he asked both sides to stop fighting immediately.In order for the two sides to be able to really reconciliation, also specially held a grand party in the Thai palace (Duist), and invited reporters to take photos and send articles, the banquet also specially invited The Thai dance team and the Chinese dance team respectively performed their most national characteristics of the program.The film is adapted from Thai writer Bonjerd Tavee’s book The Monkey. The story seems a bit childish today, especially when God Shiva successfully stops a showdown between the two monkey gods on the grounds that Thailand and China have always been friendly countries.If this story is not for children, it can only show that the Thai audience taste very pure and refined.Although the plot of the film seems childish today, the background and basic logic of the story are not simple.Hanuman is the Monkey god of India, but he is so similar to the Monkey King of China that it’s no wonder Lord Shiva confused them.How similar are the monkeys?Both monkeys are intelligent, powerful, magical, and ethereal avatar masters.They are not only similar in ability, experience is also similar, Hanuman stole the sweet fruit garden, was found by female Luo Sha, as a result, Hanuman destroyed the sweet fruit forest, causing havoc in the garden, this plot is very similar to sun Wukong stole the peaches caused havoc in heaven.In Journey to the West, The Monkey King not only cures the king of The Kingdom of Zhu, but also rescues the princess who is possessed by monsters.Hanuman did the same thing. According to the Ramayana, Hanuman saved the prince’s beloved concubine from the demon king.In addition, the weapon of the two sacred monkeys is called ruyi Golden cudgel, but Hanuman’s weapon is tiger-headed Ruyi Golden cudgel.Therefore, Hu Shi believed that Hanuman was the prototype of sun Wukong in Journey to the West.However, the imagination is more concerned with which of these two monkey gods is stronger?Just like we want to know, guan Gong fought Qin Qiong which was more powerful?Is India’s Hanuman more powerful than China’s Sun Wukong?Thai writer Bonjerd Tavee’s monkey and film Hanuman vs Sun Wukong are the products of this cultural background.It’s just that the story takes place in friendly Thailand, where the imagination is wild and wacky.So Hanuman, the Monkey god of India, somehow settled down in his native land, while China’s pugnacious and mischievous Monkey King earnestly fulfilled international treaties of peace and friendship.Just I do not understand, Sun Wukong obviously a heel ten thousand eight thousand li, why hide in the trunk of the stewardess even to Thailand?