Nanning’s real estate market got off to a bad start in 2022, with both demand and price of new houses falling in January

2022-06-04 0 By

It coincides with the Spring Festival holiday, and affected by the epidemic, the number of people advocating local Spring Festival and returning home is not large, which affects the heat of returning home to buy property. In January 2022, nanning’s real estate market is cold as a whole, and both the supply and demand of commercial houses and commercial houses have declined to varying degrees.(Data source: KreERrui) In terms of commercial housing, the supply decreased by 61% from the previous month, the transaction volume was 500,000 square meters, down 42% from the previous month, and the overall average transaction price was 10,312 yuan/square meters.Commercial housing, housing supply 133,500 square meters, down 84% year on year, down 73% month on month;Turnover of 291,200 square meters, sequential/year-on-year drop of more than 50%;The average price was 12630 yuan /㎡, down 2.09%.(Data source: Kerui) From the regional performance, the six major urban areas are not spared, transaction data have varying degrees of decline;In terms of the average transaction price, Qingxiu District is still the boss, the average transaction price of commercial housing 16,400 yuan /㎡.That month transaction list, Longguang jiuyu City ranked first in area and amount.(Source: Krei) at the end:Clinch a deal the cold in January, expected after the Spring Festival, nanning, the property market will be better, but the outbreak, from the current situation, the housing market in February to clinch a deal the data may be more “ugly”, all the buildings also have no better way, can only launch a variety of incentives, price special discount, such as room of netizens after promising building, might as well focus on recent discount information,Or an unexpected surprise.