Provincial Committee of the Standing Committee held a meeting presided over by Zhang Qingwei

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Hunan Daily, February 18 (All media reporter Deng Jing jin) On the afternoon of the 18th, Zhang Qingwei, secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, presided over a meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC Provincial Committee to listen to a report on in-depth study and implementation of the “Opinions on More Effectively Exerting the Function of Statistical Supervision”.We deliberated the implementation opinions on Furthering the Strategy of Strengthening The Province with Talent in the New Era and Striving to Build China into an Important National Talent Center and Innovation Highland, and the implementation opinions on fully, accurately and comprehensively implementing the New Development concept to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality.The meeting stressed that statistical supervision is an important part of the Party and state supervision system and a basic function of the government’s statistical work.Last August, xi jinping, general secretary of personally chaired a meeting of the central deep change committee meeting 21st, review the opinions about more effective play to the functions of statistical supervision, and delivered an important speech, fully embodies the party central committee with comrade xi as the core to the vision of the new era of promoting the modernization of statistical reform and system planning,It provides a strong statistical guarantee for comprehensively strengthening Party self-governance and promoting high-quality development.We should learn to understand, and conscientiously implement.We should actively serve the overall situation of the center, strengthen the leadership of the Party on statistics, strive to improve the quality of statistical data, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of economic operation, and serve the high-quality development of the whole province with high-quality statistics supervision.Party committees and governments at all levels should attach great importance to and strongly support statistical supervision, statistical institutions at all levels should strive to improve the effectiveness of statistical supervision, and all relevant departments should strengthen cooperation and cohesion of statistical supervision.The meeting stressed that on the new era of the province’s talent work how to look, how to do the next step, the provincial party Committee’s talent work conference has carried out a comprehensive deployment, the goal has been clear, the task has been deployed, the key is to implement.Departments at all levels should be thoroughly study and apply xi jinping, general secretary of the new era personnel work new ideas of new strategic initiatives, comprehensively implement the spirit of talent working conference of the central, according to the talent working conference of the provincial party committee and “about further advances the strategy of the new age people strong province to build national important talent highland center and innovation of the implementation opinions” requirement,We should strengthen our sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job in talent work in the new era, strengthen overall planning and coordination, grasp the timing and pace, prioritize urgent tasks and short-term and long-term goals, and make progress in a planned and step-by-step manner.To be able to immediately implement, to quickly come up with a work plan, and strive to start as soon as possible, as soon as possible to see results.For long-term tasks, we should carry out them step by step.It is necessary to work out the talent Development Plan of hunan Province during the 14th Five-year Plan period, strengthen the guidance to relevant departments, cities and prefectures, and carry it out in a systematic, engineering-oriented and project-oriented way, so as to provide strong talent support and intellectual guarantee for striving to build a new socialist modern Hunan.The meeting stressed that the formulation and release of the Implementation Opinions on The Complete, Accurate and comprehensive Implementation of the New Development Concept to achieve carbon peak and Carbon Neutrality is an important measure to implement the major decisions and deployment of the CPC Central Committee to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, as well as the practical need to promote high-quality development of Our province.We must firmly shoulder the political responsibility for pursuing carbon dioxide emissions, unswervingly follow the path of giving priority to ecology and green development, and ensure that the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee are fully implemented.To the scientific safe and orderly proceed with the “double carbon”, adhere to the system concept, seek improvement in stability, accelerate the energy structure optimization, order to promote the iron and steel, building materials, petrochemical, chemical industry, nonferrous and other key industries green transformation to vigorously develop the green low carbon industry, continue to improve ecosystem carbon sequestration ability, accelerating carbon emissions, can use power, the power trading market mechanisms such as construction,We will resolutely curb the development of such projects.To promote the “double carbon” work together, adhere to the province as a whole, strengthen overall planning and coordination, attach importance to the role of expert advisory committee, carry out “double carbon” work education and training, strengthen policy publicity and interpretation, and form a good atmosphere of public participation and common support.The meeting also examined other matters.[Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]