The singer deliberately contracted COVID-19 to free herself and died within 10 minutes of the attack

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According to foreign media reports, Holka, a Czech female singer, died in her home in approximately 10 minutes due to the Novel Coronavirus.The Czech Republic has introduced two “passes” during its fight against COVID-19. One is a “vaccination pass”, which can be obtained after vaccination, and the second is a “recovery pass”, which can be obtained after recovering from the latest COVID-19 infection.According to His son, Horka deliberately contracted COVID-19 in order to gain access to public places such as cinemas and cafes.According to the anti-epidemic policy, Horka chose to get a “get well pass,” which means that he or she needs to get infected and then get the pass.At home, her husband and son were vaccinated, but both contracted COVID-19.She herself has not been vaccinated and has not contracted COVID-19.So she urged her husband and son to live together until the infection.Having antibodies in your body gives you a “pass”.The Czech government sought to establish the presence of COVID-19 antibodies in a Czech citizen, regardless of the source.If you go in and out of a public place, you have to have this antibody in your body, or you have to stay at home.She contracted the virus and died suddenly two days later. Her family reportedly did not want holka to do so, but they could not persuade her.When Holka was infected, as she had hoped, she began to show some symptoms of COVID-19, but the problem didn’t seem to be serious.So the family quarantined themselves at home and did not go to the hospital.Throughout the infection, Holka was in a state of high spirits, imagining that she would soon recover and be able to go to concerts and movies.It’s been two days since Holka contracted COVID-19. In the morning, holka is dressed up and planning to go for a walk in the fresh air.At that point, she felt a sharp pain in her back. Her family helped her to lie down, but after about 10 minutes horka stopped breathing.The son said his mother’s death was directly related to COVID-19, as she had difficulty breathing in the first few minutes of her death and died of suffocation.He said he felt the terror of the Novel Coronavirus only when he saw someone close to him die as a result of the coronavirus. The feeling was very strong, he said.This shows how terrifying the lethality of the Novel Coronavirus mystery Coronavirus can be.Some sources: Defense Times