Zhejiang: people with no travel history in counties of medium-high risk areas shall not be persuaded to leave or return

2022-06-04 0 By

On January 31, it was learned from the press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Zhejiang Province that Zhejiang strictly prohibited layer upon layer of control policies during the Spring Festival to implement the management of returning personnel “four shall not” : not to take simplified and “one-size-fits-all” control measures for returning personnel to Zhejiang;No measures shall be taken to persuade people with a history of sojourn or residence in counties (cities or districts) without medium-high risk areas to leave or return;The normal movement of people should not be restricted under the pretext of epidemic prevention and control.The requirements and time limit of health management measures shall not be changed at will.In order to accurately implement the management of people coming to and returning to Zhejiang, Zhejiang unified the risk group control policy of the whole province, and implemented “14+7” health management measures for people with domestic medium-high risk areas and their towns (streets), and “2+14” health management measures for people with domestic medium-high risk areas and their towns (streets).People in Hangzhou are advised to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival as much as possible and not go out if it is not necessary. People in medium-high risk areas and counties (cities and districts) (such as Binjiang district and Fuyang District of Hangzhou) are advised to “calm down”, reduce gathering, social and shopping activities as much as possible and strictly limit travel.During the Spring Festival, Zhejiang will also control the number and scale of gathering activities, and will not carry out temple fairs, large-scale artistic performances, exhibitions and sales promotions if it is not necessary.It is recommended to postpone weddings, simplify funerals and avoid banquets, and minimize the size of family gatherings with no more than 10 people.Catering units undertaking dinner parties with more than 5 tables shall strictly implement prevention and control measures and strengthen ventilation and disinfection;Individuals hosting banquets with more than 5 tables by themselves should report to the local community neighborhood committee or village committee and abide by the prevention and control regulations.Review: Peng Yongtang, Director, Supervisor, Chen Taicang, Supervisor, Chen Yicquan, Chen Xiyu, Chief Supervisor, Chen Zhenshi, recommended reading ↓↓↓