Dou Luo mainland: Tang three in the end how much pet dance, see what he gave to dance you will understand

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Tang three, as the first male douro mainland, talent, appearance level superior, female popularity who can not.However, although many girls have shown their love to Tang SAN, he has never responded.In his heart, as if only that one person, she is a little dance.In douro mainland, tang three how much pet dance?Just look at what she got for Dancer.Send little dance armband self-defense just entered the nodding city primary soul division college, Tang three and know little dance.Holiday, little dance shameless request to go home with tang three, but tang three father has left, tang three sad, little dance said he is willing to do three relatives, can be his sister, but tang three dont want to, said to dance when sister.And brother to sister’s first gift, is to create their own weapon – silent sleeve, let dance used to defend.Send dance acacia heartbroken red to improve the strength of Tang three back from Dugubo Pharmaceutical Park, with a lot of fairy products, he gave Shrek seven strange everyone sent a strain.Acacia heartbroken red, is the dance to get immortal immortal grass, Tang three was trying to improve the strength of the people by immortal immortal grass, but the dance has been reluctant to eat.But also because she did not take, so in the back, acacia heartbroken red saved the dance many times.Send little dance soul bone in the stars in the woods, in the face of the temple of the soul hunting team surrounded, Tang three know themselves and dance together, doomed to escape, in order to let the dance can live, tang three suicide bone, mother left his blue silver emperor right leg bone to the little dance, hope little dance can use it to fly away.And later, after returning from Poseidon Island, Tang three will successfully dance after the resurrection, his soul ring also need to fill up, so with the dance went to the stars big forest.Make up qi soul ring for yourself, also help small dance hunting soul beast, make small dance again harvest a head charm soul bone.Send small dance ring in the stars big forest, give small dance blue silver emperor right leg bone, tang three will become their own blue silver emperor blood ring wound in the hands of small dance, so as to help her better display blue silver emperor soul bone flight skills.Unfortunately, little dance did not choose to leave, finally for tang three sacrifice, the ring disappeared.And in two people engaged, tang three again gave a small dance a diamond ring.This time the ring, has been wearing the little dance finger, there is a bright gem.It can be said that with the promotion of tang three strength, he made a lot of extraordinary concealed objects, sold to seven treasures glaze school eleven thousand sets of concealed objects, tang three for shrek seven strange everyone is equipped with.However, by building tall predecessors to create three unique hidden weapon: peacock ling, torrential pear needle, Buddha anger Tang Lotus, Tang SAN only gave the dance, let her as self-defense.To know, tang three themselves are not willing to use the three hidden weapons, but gave them to the dance, this has to be much pet dance ah!Send small dance pay card tang three had to eleven thousand sets of price, sold to seven treasures coloured glaze zong 500 sets of concealed utensils.And these artifacts, although the parts are made by seven treasures glaze zong please, but in the assembly, is tang three in their own hands.Can say, tang three earned this 5 million, is hard money, can also be said to be their own wages.Although the pay card to the wife flower is right, but at that time, also not tang three wife.But in spite of this, the dance took away five million tang SAN, Tang SAN said nothing.Well, the above is the whole content of this period, after watching tang three gifts to dance, do you envy dance?With such a doting boyfriend, little dance is worth it!