How long does a tire count as a stock tire

2022-06-05 0 By

Tires are considered stock after more than a year.1, tire as rubber products, due to aging, its tensile strength, hardness and wear resistance and other physical properties will change significantly.2, industry standards generally involve restrictions on the service life of tires, reflecting the general consensus of the tire distribution industry on product quality control.3, therefore, the inventory of more than 3 years of tires does not belong to the normal sales of tires, unless the dealer to consumers in advance, and in the case of quality assurance responsibility to negotiate sales.4, many auto parts maintenance is a “double standard” : one is durability, the other is time span, tire is one of them.5. In most cases, even for the largest brands and the smallest mileage tires, it is not recommended to use more than 8 years, because of unpredictable safety risks.Especially with the gradual increase in temperature, the probability of tire burst is proportional to the aging of rubber.