Residents with gastric perforation and abnormal nucleic acid in the containment area were immediately transferred to centralized isolation centers for surgery

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Under the coordination of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, the centralized isolation and treatment centers in Baoshan District of Huashan Hospital have gradually changed their function positioning, from treating asymptomatic and mild infected patients to mainly treating positive infected patients with various basic diseases.On the evening of March 31, the centralized isolation and treatment center of Baoshan Hospital received an urgent call: “We have a patient suspected of gastric perforation, but the nucleic acid test is abnormal. We request him to be transferred to a designated hospital for surgery.””Copy that. We’ll start pre-op preparations right away.”At the same time, the relevant medical staff were preparing for the shift back to the resident rest, learned that the emergency, and all back to the medical area.The patient is a 45-year-old male with underlying diseases such as hypertension.During the lockdown period of the community, I contacted the neighborhood committee for abdominal pain and was transferred to another hospital for treatment through 120. However, abnormal nucleic acid test results were found before admission.Due to the urgent, dangerous and serious condition of the patient, Baoshan District Health Commission made overall arrangements and transferred the patient to the centralized isolation and treatment point in Baoshan District of Huashan Hospital.When he arrived at Baoshan Hospital, the patient had been in pain for several hours, with painful expression, sweating, shortness of breath and fever.Blood pressure can be maintained, but abdominal muscle tension, obvious tenderness and rebound pain and other peritoneal stimulation signs.Her family was also unable to accompany her due to an abnormal nucleic acid condition.After blood test in the laboratory department, DOCTOR Sun Jun in the Radiology Department was contacted for CT examination, and the abdominal imaging feedback was “free gas under the diaphragm, the indication of acute perforation of gastric ulcer was clear”. Doctor Wang Jun from the general surgery department determined that the patient was acute peritonitis, and the possibility of upper gastrointestinal tract perforation was high, so immediate surgery was needed.Digestive tract perforation is a common surgical operation in hospital.However, in the centralized isolation point, thorough preparation and tacit cooperation of multiple departments are needed to ensure that the medical staff is free from infection and the operation is completed accurately and smoothly.Qin Lunxiu, executive vice president of Baoshan District of Huashan Hospital, took the lead in confirming the surgical plan. As director of general Surgery department of Huashan Hospital, he was not only familiar with the epidemic prevention standards and diagnosis and treatment procedures of the quarantine site, but also had rich surgical experience.After multidisciplinary comprehensive discussion and on the premise of ensuring the standard sense of hospital, the medical team of Baoshan Hospital decided to perform exploratory laparotomy immediately, and informed the patient’s family and asked for consent.In the special operation room at the treatment point, anesthesia related instruments, consumables, disinfection preparations were completed as quickly as possible. The anesthesiologists xiao Jun, He Donghua and Niu Ruibin were in charge of the operation.Within 30 minutes, all the teams coordinated and cooperated, and all the preoperative preparations were completed.In this special period, the difficulty of operation can be imagined.Led by Qin Lunxiu, executive vice president of Baoshan Hospital, general surgeons and nurses cooperated closely.Intraoperatively, the patient was diagnosed with antral perforation with severe abdominal contamination, confirming that the patient’s life would be in danger without urgent surgery.The perforation was sewn up and repaired, and the abdominal cavity was carefully irrigated.The whole operation took less than 60 minutes. After the patient was resuscitated under anesthesia in the operating room, the medical staff pushed the patient to the special care unit of the treatment site.At present, the patient is recovering stably, and his family members have expressed their gratitude for many times: “The hospital, without my husband’s accompanying family members, was very urgent for the patient. After contacting us, the hospital immediately organized the operation and saved him from danger. This is really the luckiest thing in my life, thank you!”In the critical period when Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control was at its peak, Huashan Hospital strictly implemented the unified requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal government to ensure that the emergency medical channels for COVID-19 positive patients suffering from acute or serious diseases were unblocked.At the same time, under the deployment of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center, it actively connects with the region to provide a green channel for transfer, fully coordinates with designated hospitals and centralized isolation and treatment points, assigns experts for consultation when necessary, provides technical support and guarantee, and continuously escorts the health of patients.