Siyang: More than 3 million textbooks will soon arrive in schools

2022-06-05 0 By

The new semester is coming, teaching materials are being distributed in an orderly way.In order to achieve the goal of “before class to book, one book”, Siyang Xinhua bookstore to do a good job of personnel, vehicles and other work arrangements and deployment, “full throttle”, improve the transport efficiency of teaching materials, let the county primary and secondary schools more than three million textbooks can be in place as soon as possible.Reporter Sun Yali: Now it is 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon, we can see the logistics center of Xinhua Bookstore in Siyang is still a busy scene.Such a busy, from about seven o ‘clock in the morning has already started.This truck in loaded with a variety of teaching materials, will be transported to the county’s primary and secondary schools, to ensure that the book before class, one copy.In the logistics center of Xinhua Bookstore in Siyang, the regional division is very clear, each school has a sign, a place, more than 3 million textbooks are neatly placed.The division of labor is clear, some people are responsible for sorting, registration, some people are responsible for loading, placing books, bags of teaching materials in the cooperation of the staff, neatly arranged on the truck.Wang Yang, a staff member of Xinhua Bookstore in Siyang: Before, we would actively communicate with schools to determine the subjects and quantity of textbooks they needed. When they arrived at the site for distribution, they were accurately sorted out, which improved the distribution efficiency.Since last October, siyang xinhua bookstore to purchase this semester will start turning up the teaching material, this two days the last wave of textbooks also began arriving in logistics center, logistics center of more than three thousand square to deposit more than 300 copies of the teaching material, siyang xinhua bookstore taken various measures to plan ahead, additional personnel, adjust work and rest time,Promote more efficient sorting and distribution of teaching materials.Zuo Yuming, manager of logistics center of Siyang Xinhua Bookstore, said: we implement the 24-hour on-duty receiving system, so that textbooks can be divided whenever they arrive. Our bookstore also selects more than 20 people from other parts to join in the sorting and distribution of textbooks, arriving at their posts two hours in advance every day to ensure the orderly distribution of textbooks.It had already given out 40% by the end of last year, and is now rushing to give out the rest.At the same time, Xinhua Bookstore in Siyang carried out a daily report on the distribution of statistics, timely grasp the distribution of dynamic, to ensure that the transport and distribution of textbooks completed on time.Under the background of the normal epidemic prevention and control, Siyang Xinhua Bookstore also actively invested more than 30 transport vehicles, familiar with the route and school location in advance, and complete the eradication work in an all-round way.Zuo Yuming, manager of logistics center of Xinhua Bookstore in Siyang, said: The way of loading vehicles into storage at the wrong peak and getting them at the wrong peak is adopted to avoid excessive concentration of personnel and vehicles.It is expected that the work will be completed on 12th.