The “through train” goes into the heart of the enterprise

2022-06-05 0 By

Jiujiang News network (Li Panpan Hu Chuanfeng special correspondent Zheng Wenbin Jiujiang Daily all media reporter Yang Qing) “‘ through train ‘is through the hearts of the people, through the feelings, let our enterprises feel very warm.”On January 25, it was winter, but peng Tangping, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Sanmu Manufacturing Co., LTD., felt warm when talking about the “business environment through train” in Yongxiu County.”Now, when there is a problem, the first thing I think of is’ through train ‘.”This is peng Tangping’s sincere trust in the “business environment through Train”.According to Peng Tangping, as soon as the “business environment through train” in Yongxiu County was opened, the staff often visited the company to publicize the function of the “through train” and learn about the company’s development and difficulties.In particular, the company timely coordinated and solved the problems of medical reimbursement caused by incorrect information filling in when the employee was hospitalized due to illness, which greatly alleviated the problem of seeing a doctor for the employee.To this end, the enterprise specially made a banner with the words “considerate and warm service, efficient and efficient to do practical things” and sent it to the “Business environment through train” to express gratitude.The recognition of enterprises is the most shining business card of a city’s business environment.To continue deepening the reform of “pipes”, in October 2021, a permanent fix innovation to form a “business environment through train”, in the whole province by the county party committee secretary and mayor of double commander, 19 young cadres, and deploy information collection team, clues to the inspectors and assigned by coordinating group five special working group, focusing on “three key”, “five mechanisms”,Through the “five direct channels” of information collection through the headquarters, clues verification through the front-line, problem referral through the departments, inspection and notification through the commission for Discipline Inspection, and result assessment, the “last meter” of convenience and benefit for enterprises has been achieved, and a convenient, efficient and heart-warming business environment has been created for enterprises and the masses.Quality service is the “key” to improving the business environment and the “lifeline” of enterprises.To this end, Yongxiu focuses on the quality of service, work efficiency, standard law enforcement three key points, focus on the rectification of “fear of slow false loose”, “bureaucracy”, “clean but not for” phenomenon, to help enterprises to solve the difficulties in employment, financing and other problems.In 2021, a total of 173 million yuan was cut in taxes and fees for enterprises and 350 million yuan in financing was helped.At the same time, the county pays close attention to the implementation of “shortage tolerance approval + commitment system”, “separation of license and license”, and “three help and three promotion” to optimize the business environment. The county keeps reducing the approval time limit, and helps enterprises solve the difficulties and problems in project landing, project construction, production and operation, etc., which has won high praise from enterprises.It is reported that since 2021, Yongxiu County project approval can tolerate lack of materials up to 39 items, “not run once” items up to 341 items, “only run once” items up to 703 items, project approval time reduced by more than two thirds.”Information collected during the day will be discussed at night to sort out personality and common problems.”In view of how to make the “through train” efficient operation, Yongxiu County Party Committee vice minister of the United Front Work Department, county federation of Industry and Commerce party secretary, “business environment through train” office executive deputy director Wang Min said: “Individual problems will be supervised by letters, common problems by county leaders held joint meetings, jointly promote, coordinated solutions.”According to statistics, in just 3 months since its establishment, the “through train” has visited 266 market subjects, collected 107 pieces of information and handed over 78 problems to the office.In addition, to let the “through train” rapidly increase, the county is not only targeted to strengthen the business staff to study, also take “you say I do – the” dialogue “you ask me answer -” the dialogue division mode of double dialogue, let staff to learn each unit business knowledge, work flow and enterprise policy, enhance the service ability, improve business skills,It will provide a strong guarantee for building a four-best business environment.”We should continue to be good referees, supervisors and coordinators. By deepening the dual-dialogue model of ‘you ask me questions’ and’ you say I do ‘, we should promote process reengineering, improve service level and make it more convenient for people and enterprises.”Referring to the future work plan, Wang Min confidently said.Policy in recent years, and repair to the optimal, the lowest cost, best service, the fastest “four most” doing business “yong model”, has won the third, fourth session of the province’s “top ten optimization business environment county”, the provincial development zone to optimize business environment in the top 10, etc, become a “fertile soil” merchants investment.