Daji, 25, refused to kiss wang, 56, resulting in a month-long cold war

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In 1989, the 25-year-old Fu yiwei, who played Daji in the film, refused to kiss the 56-year-old teacher, saying, “He’s too old to kiss me. This is my first on-screen kiss!”Dutch also angry: “if you don’t shoot, simply don’t shoot anything!”As a result, the two cold war for a month, who did not talk to who.Fu Yiwei was born in Harbin in 1964.When I was in middle school, a director went to the school to choose an actor, and the teacher recommended her to the director because she was so good-looking!In this way, she appeared in her first movie.Two years later, Changchun Film Studio came to Harbin to recruit students, fu Yiwei only rely on a set of broadcast gymnastics, was successfully enrolled.Later, Fu yiwei starred in the Last Queen, a Dream of Red Mansions and many other films, but it was the role of Daji in the List of Gods that really drew her out.In 1989, the first Drama of Gods in China, The List of Gods, was prepared to be shot with a total investment of more than 5 million yuan, which was a very large production at that time.At that time, “Su Daji” this role, there are more than a dozen popular actresses are vying for this role, and later decided one of the actresses.But after two or three episodes, the director decided that one of the actresses was too seductive and made the audience look like a “bad person” at a glance.Later, the actress was dismissed, which gave the little-known Fu Yiwei a chance.At that time, Fu yiwei was only 25 years old, a pair of captivating eyes, the role of Su Daji is too appropriate.Fu was also happy to be in the show, but she stopped laughing when she arrived.In the 1980s, folk customs were still more conservative, and most of the clothes were long pants and sleeves, with few arms and legs exposed.However, the costumes of the crew of “The Holy List” are very bold, wearing very “cool”, and even flowers made of biji.Fu Yiwei saw such a situation, immediately said that he did not want to play, if played out, how to go out to see people ah?The director had to placate her step by step, first only let her show her neck, then show her arms, let her accept bit by bit.But Fu yiwei still felt too bold to accept, so the director had no choice but to add a layer of gauze to the back of the dress.The clothing problem was finally solved, and Fu yiwei was stumped by the “ogling” scene.Before Fu Yiwei plays, most of the ladies, do not have this aspect of experience, how she can not play the eye.The first time Fu did the ogling pose, the staff laughed and she backed off again.In the end, she managed to get through it by looking in the mirror and thinking about her training every day.In fact, she was not good at winking, a large part of the reason, because the actor zhou Qi is already 56 years old.Fu Yiwei looked at his old face, it is nothing to feel, finally winked at the pass, but daqi proposed to add a kiss.Fu refused without thinking: “He is too old to play my father, and this is my first on-screen kiss. I really can’t say anything!”.At the time, the kiss was not in the script or even requested by the director. It was entirely Ducky’s own suggestion.He thought it was necessary for the plot, fu Yiwei should have professional spirit, and said: “If you don’t shoot, don’t shoot anything at all.”The two men were in a stalemate, and neither gave in to the other.In the end, the director came up with a compromise. Dutch only kissed Fu on the cheek, and the two didn’t actually kiss!Because of this incident, the two did not speak for a whole month on the set, except for filming.Years later, Fu said in an interview that she refused the kiss. “It had nothing to do with scale,” she said. “It was mainly because Dutch was too old.”The list” broadcast, Fu Yiwei played “Daji” enchanting enchanting, amorous, can be called a classic, attracted many viewers.In particular, she has a pair of haunting eyes, so that the audience is impressed, known as the most consistent with the original Su Daji.After she became famous, she found it too hard to be an actress, so she shifted the focus of her career to business, hoping to be a successful strong woman.When she told her husband, now on her second marriage, he objected.Fu married her first husband, Yang Xiaodan, in 1984, when she was in her early 20s, while filming Land of Wonder.But after only five years of marriage, the couple fell apart because they spent too much time together.In 1992, Fu married Gao Gao, a teacher at the Beijing Dance Academy, and they had a son. Fu treasured their marriage.However, despite her husband’s opposition, she invested in a clothing store. Unexpectedly, she lost all her money and her husband divorced her.Fu Yiwei was not discouraged, but humbly request suppliers, can you take the goods after paying, give her a chance.As a result, Fu yiwei finally turned the tide against the wind and opened more than 30 stores in a row. At the peak, fu’s assets exceeded 100 million yuan.However, the emotional disharmony, the inner emptiness eventually destroyed her, so that she embarked on the XD road of no return.Since then, Fu yiwei has fallen from grace to notoriety and ruined his life. Although he apologizes to the audience, it is hard to be forgiven.What a bad hand!After all, people have to pay for their own behavior, not a sorry, can be forgiven.What do you think of Fu yiwei’s performance of “Su Daji”?