Do you understand the work ability test?

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What is labor ability appraisal?We shared a lot of “work-related accident cases” in front of us: if we get injured during voluntary overtime work, can we identify it as work-related injury?After coming off work time, was injured in the company can you calculate inductrial injury?Rest day goes out temporarily to work overtime to be injured, calculate inductrial injury?Case analysis: on the way to and from work slip fall injury does not calculate inductrial injury does the accident that employee resigns that day belong to inductrial injury?Who will be responsible for the injury on the day the employee starts work?Many times mentioned in the article before, in the processing steps of the worker’s industrial injury, there is a step is to apply for “labor ability identification”, simply said, labor ability identification is to point to the degree of labor dysfunction of the industrial injury worker and the degree of living self-care obstacle identification;The worker produces inductrial injury, after treatment injury situation is relatively stable, there is deformity, affect labor ability, ought to be in inductrial injury medical treatment terminates 30 days inside, to labor ability appraisal orgnaization applies for labor ability appraisal, labor ability appraisal is made commonly inside 60 days.The degree of labor dysfunction is divided into ten grades, the heaviest is one grade, the lightest is ten grade;The degree of self-care disorder is divided into three grades: completely unable to take care of themselves, unable to take care of most of their lives, unable to take care of part of their lives;Specific according to “labor ability appraisal worker injury and occupational disease cripple grade” implementation.Inductrial injury worker assessed disable grade only, orgnaization of social insurance agency ability nuclear hair one-time disable grantsupport, disable the pay such as allowance.So, if the worker is not willing to undertake labor ability appraisal immediately after inductrial injury affirmatory because of certain reason, criterion worker cannot enjoy relevant inductrial injury insurance treatment.How to apply for labor ability appraisal?Basis “byelaw of inductrial injury insurance”, worker of unit of choose and employ persons, inductrial injury or its close relative can apply for labor ability appraisal.Inductrial injury worker has labor ability appraisal for the first time, should put forward an application to the committee of labor ability appraisal of the city of district, and provide the relevant data that inductrial injury affirmatory decision and worker inductrial injury medical treatment.If the employing unit or the injured workers do not recognize the appraisal conclusion made by the municipal labor capacity appraisal committee, they may, within 15 days from the date of receiving the appraisal conclusion, apply to the labor capacity appraisal committee of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the Central Government for re-appraisal, and the re-appraisal result shall be the final conclusion.There is also a point to note that not all work-related injuries need to be identified, if the employee is only slightly injured, does not affect the ability to work, there is no need to identify the ability to work.