Happy New Year. I wrote it for you

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Source | inverse liu (ID: yuanyuankaoshi) on the New Year/New Year time to send the copy, do you want?Today people say: New Year to put firecrackers.The ancients said: firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, the spring breeze into tu Su.Today people say: The Spring Festival to stick couplets.The ancients said: Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.Today people say: spring and New Year together, everywhere.The ancients said: do not have to face to the eastern suburbs, spring in thousands of households.Today people say: Chinese New Year these days, the weather is very good.The ancients said: heaven and earth wind and frost, weather and universe;Calendar add new years, spring full of old mountains and rivers.Today people say: New Year’s Eve dinner, to push a cup for a cup, to say auspicious words.The ancients said: strike between the wrong China feast.Happy New Year New Year……May the New Year be filled with happiness.All is well with Pepsi.Of course, there are wishes.March march, dusk rotation, wish the New Year wins the old year.Can say: meet New Year again, spring comes more good flowers and branches.Can’t meet, have to greet.Can say: color pen tong leaf, good sentence ask peace.Metaphor The coming year will be fruitful. Try not to fail.That is: tianjia climate, said this year’s abundance.I wish you good health and vitality.That is: from teach a year old everybody Tim, but as long as, next year strong.It describes a happy and round family.Can write: Thanks to float more nothing, before the lamp children words luan.To the teacher is: make public plum all over the world, how to use the hall before more flowers.Learn from a good teacher, luckily climb the door of peach and plum.To the elders is: such as the constant month, such as the rise of the sun.Such as the life of the Southern mountain, not qian, not collapse.Such as pine and cypress, all or bear.From now on the spring breeze smile, and as the world longevity fairy.To friends is: a wish the world is peaceful, two wish the body is strong.Three wish old man, number and you meet.Laugh up to go out, my generation is not penghao people.I wish my peers a bright future, is: dapeng day with the wind, soaring ninety thousand miles.In one day, I saw all the flowers in Changan.I wish life carefree, is: day song must be drunk, youth companion good home.A little haoran gas, thousands of miles fast zai wind.Copy is borrowed, the heart is sincere.I wish you all a happy New Year’s Eve tomorrow night, a happy New Year, peace and joy.This article source: the public account @inverse Liu, author Liu Yuanyuan.Every night at 10 PM, update your thoughts, grow your senses, and good night radio