Luxu: the living gusu ancient town

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Article | 丨 YuZhenHong suzhou wujiang 丨 reed market Sue: chi association hong-jie fan, guzhen town, YuZhenHong gusu, name is nice, reed market especially good.All over the sky rain ah, only suzhou rain can forgive.After leaving Lili, the rain continued to fall. To the east, you followed the Taipu River and crossed the Fen Lake. To the south, you reached Sizhou Temple Bridge and Luxu Old Street.This section of road, with the wild sky and low, and the polygonum rain and sparse shore, is particularly fascinating when looking out. I think this kind of place should produce beautiful women, poets, painters and lovers of ducks and butterflies.I suddenly thought of Yang Weizhen’s A Trip to the Fen Lake. Now I read it again, but it is not so good.The scenery is so beautiful that I can’t write it out, just like taking photos. So I don’t take photos.Tanjia Bridge | Fan Hongjie’s beautiful image crosses sizhou Temple Bridge, and reminds me of Sizhou Temple, is it still there now?I used to admire the integrity of Yang Tingshu (1595-1647), who was killed by the Qing army in Sizhou Temple in Luxu.Yang Tingshu was the spiritual leader of jiangnan literati at the end of the Ming dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the first V, known as the “southeast master”, so Gu Yanwu “Cry Yang Master” poetry cloud: Wu More Confucian, Yang Jun real zong craftsman;Meteorite first Lu Xu village, spurt blood xu door wave.Yang Tingshu’s presence at Luxu is the South Ping Mountain of Zhang Cangshui.Zhang Cangshui left the world’s last word, three words: good mountain.Yang Tingshu last: recently betrayed the country more beard and eyebrows, he Shan more sad!After Yang Tingshu was killed, his students bought his body and buried it.This student, surnamed Ji, goes by the name Shoahara.Aji, is a rare family name, but in Luxu, it is a famous bcbcines family, the most famous in history when jiadao bcbcbcines shou (1773 — 1836).Ze crane, light jinshi six years, proficient in the book of songs, especially in the western han dynasty scholar wing in the theory of the “book of songs”, this is a kind of JueXue, few people have to understand, is equivalent to Einstein’s general theory of relativity.Ze shou crane’s poetry wing’s study “, included in the “sequel huang qing the solution”, to receive this book, is superior in the qing dynasty.Once upon a time, Shen Wenzhuo, of old Hangzhou University, his mother bcbcines ji is the descendant of This coji man, Shen was also from Luxu, there was probably a congenital gene for learning bcbcines, so it is not my fault when I failed to do this, because my mother did not name bcbcinesCross – street building, Luxu characteristics.Coincidently with Ji Hezuo, there was another poet in Luxu, Guo Rui (1767-1831, bingua), who was listed as “the prodigal Son Yan Qing” in the Ji Jia Poetry Field Record.His house was called “Lingfen Pavilion” and its name was “Fu Mei Lou”.Yi Bingshou wrote a poem to send him, said: stay on the fine early moon, this building really live together immortal.4. Rulez Guo (Seri Rulez) poetry, best at expressing love, like Huang Zhongze, two hundred years ago, mandarin duck and butterfly school.His lovers, such as “hard don’t know the country, then will again not spring”, “life and love all, already dead color is empty”, “every gentleman with a guest here, home, as I have no home”, “far outside the theater to misty rain, sorrow before separation”, and so on, not only I like, like the ancients, young people copy to do love poems, can add cent.Luxu is a country of poetry, not to mention ye Shaoyuan and Ye Xiaoluan are capable of poetry, even if they are amateur poets, they can also be themselves.In the Qing Dynasty, Chen Xishu (Mengqin), a professional doctor, and his son-in-law Shen Yuefu, a native of Shengze, was the author of the Yangyuan Origin Record, which is familiar to most scholars in Tongxiang.Chen Xishu not only saw doctors, but also wrote poems. He had a poem for willow flowers: poor catkins in this life, wave ping in this life again, except for wild herons, no one asked.Good, it seems to write willow flowers, or it seems to write me.Don’t do it. There’s really a don’t do it.The Chen family in Luxu is a family of doctors of the world. Tan Xian, a native of Hangzhou, wrote about the Chen family in his diary, specially recording the details: visiting the home of Chen Pian sheng in Luxu, there are inscriptions by Guo Pingjia and Yang Longshi between the walls, the anthology of Fan Xie on his desk, and the remnants of Kangxi’s celebrity anthology.This is how the old doctor looks like. Without a medical book on his desk, he shows his excellent medical skills and makes people rest assured.Lu Xu is full of talents and talents. Even the tailors can compose poems well, which is probably the only talent in lu Xu.Wu Kun, a man in the Qing Dynasty, often went to Guo Rui’s house to make clothes and watch Guo Rui make poems. He also made poems.His quatrains, yuan Mei praised, recorded here: light rain Yin Yin point stone moss, see flowers scattered meaning wandering;Wander and sweep away flowers, flowers sweep away rain again.Later, Wu Kun became a monk with the buddhist name “Tian Liao”, a profession that seemed to suit him better.On the academic history, reed market one of the most famous character, not just Ze crane, should be songstress lu (1723-1785), the word lang, he is a 17 years of qianlong juren, officer to hunan provincial governor.In the Qing dynasty, there were only 95 people in total, according to zhu Pengshou’s “Old Dian Bei Zheng”. The most famous one was Zuo Zongtang, Lu Yao was one of them, and there was another Zhou Yuanli, from Li, next door to Lu Market.Without going into details, I will give two examples here.One is “Qing History draft” has his special biography, the other is Xu Shichang “Qing Confucianism case” has “Lang Fu Case”, Lang Fu is Lu Yao.”Qing Confucianism Case” has a special case. In a Qing Dynasty, there are only 179 people in ramao lang, that is, at this end, we can see Lu Yaoshi’s exciting stick.Fan Hongjie laments: “Qing History manuscript” set special biography, “Qing Confucianism case” set project, tongxiang county, there is only one Zhang Luxiang.Or that sentence, good scenery is not written, self-knowledge is clear, simply do not write, please appreciate, and wish a happy New Year.Wang Zhai according to Mr. Zheng Yibing “small hidden lake” public number, here is Mr. Zhang Fanglan’s boss is an old lady, we speak, she said: listen to the accent, you are from Tongxiang.Guanyinqiao donors, see this clearly, Gu Weiqing.Shen Zhai, the door inscription, one is Du Chutian, the other is tiantai mountain farmers, modern mandarin duck butterfly school.A town has chenghuang temple, Li Li, pingwang.Walk to the south end, another ancient bridge, daoguang year, Gusu Bridge, also do not want to know the name.A year will do, happy first.–END