Yan ‘an security Service Co., LTD. Su Jianjun won the honorary title of national outstanding security officer

2022-06-06 0 By

Recently, the Ministry of Public Security, the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, communist youth league central jointly issued “on the recognition of the fifth best officer’s decision of the national advanced security services company”, selected 50 advanced security service companies and 100 excellent security officer, jian-jun su yan ‘an security service co., LTD was awarded the honorary title of national excellent security officer.Su Jianjun currently serves as the general manager of Yan ‘an Security Service Co., LTD., and is the president of Yan ‘an Security Association.He has been working in security for nearly 30 years, starting in 1993.From an ordinary security guard to the general manager of the company, Su Jianjun walked step by step;He works carefully, innovates and is good at studying security business. He has participated in the training of more than 3,000 security employees.Under the guidance and management of local public security organs, he led the whole company’s employees to actively participate in the establishment of yan ‘an city safe community, police and security linkage and other social security prevention work;In assisting local public security departments to maintain social order, solve cases, and secure major events, fighting against COVID-19, flood control and disaster relief, Su Jianjun has actively led all staff of the company to take the lead and try to play a leading role.Over the years, whenever encountering major duty tasks, Su Jianjun would immediately put on the uniform of ordinary security guards and devote himself to security tasks, which was unanimously praised and recognized by superiors and colleagues.He has won many honors, such as the best Security Guard in Yan ‘an city, the first Excellent Security Guard in Shaanxi Province, the “May 1” Labor Medal in Yan ‘an City, and the Advanced Individual in national security industry.Editor: Shen Dan editor: Hua Jun