Black intelligence: race c1 al Hilal VS Chelsea milan VS Lazionis VS Marseille

2022-06-07 0 By

Al Hilal beat Al Jasira 6-1 in club World Cup with excellent performance and fluent attack.Although this match against the strength of the extraordinary, well-known, but al Hilal attacking style will still actively strive for goals.Chelsea’s recent form has been mediocre following a thrilling fa Cup promotion;But always the series is far better than the opponent, will not play conservative, is expected to play today’s ball SAO, can try “ball” big.AC Milan knocked out Genoa in extra time after beating Inter milan in Serie A.Today, of course, no fear lazio challenge, home attack more optimistic.Lazio also beat Udinese with a goal in extra time in the top circle, the team just beat Fiorentina, the attack back;Although the match against the recent performance of the underdog, but today’s “goal” can also take both.In the last four meetings between the two sides, AC Milan have won 3-1.France Cup Nice VS Marseinis has always been a solid defense, the last 2 laps of the French Cup did not break in the legal time;Including a goalless draw against defending Paris Saint-Germain in the last round and a penalty shoot-out, which was very impressive.Marseille on the circle also eliminated the same level of monterier by penalty shootout, just the league and big fry opponents, confidence is stronger;But it is expected that the two armies will be cautious, “goal” small more valuable bo.The last time the two sides met, 1-1.Black recommended: flat