Blood stocks close to the red line!Call on taiyuan caring citizens to donate blood without compensation

2022-06-07 0 By

Dedication of love, save lives.On February 7, taiyuan blood Center announced that the city’s blood inventory is tight, with the inventory of 3,415 units on that day, close to the warning line of blood inventory.In order to ensure the normal clinical use of blood, taiyuan blood Center appeals to the masses of caring citizens and organizations to actively participate in voluntary blood donation and relieve the tension of clinical blood use in the provincial capital.According to reports, the daily clinical blood consumption in Taiyuan is about 700 units, every 200 milliliters is a unit, which means about 350 people need to donate 2 units of blood every day to basically meet the needs of clinical blood use.Due to the recent cold weather, Spring Festival holiday, students holiday and other reasons, the number of people participating in voluntary blood donation is small.In order to meet the needs of patients with blood and ensure that the blood bank of the blood center has enough blood, taiyuan Blood Center appeals to the masses of caring citizens and organizations to actively participate in voluntary blood donation, offering love and saving lives.During the holidays, all blood donation houses in Taiyuan will be open, and blood donors will receive double souvenirs from now until February 15.1. Meiduhui Blood Donation House: Southeast corner of Meiduhui, Kangning Street, Xiaodian District 2. Nangong Blood Donation House: Next to Da Nanmen Bus station on the north side of Yingze Street 3. Wanda Blood Donation House: Southeast corner of Wanda Square, Jiefang Road 4.Feng south road and the yingze southeast west street intersection, meiyuan blood donation house: sports dongmen south road coal hospital 6, Hao Zhuang blood donation house: chaoyang street corner 7 square with to people house, changfeng street blood donation: changfeng street and southwest build way crossing 8, taigang house: blood donation welcome dongmen south street, taiyuan general hospital room 9, liuzhou, blood donation:Xinghua Blood Donation House: East side of the intersection of Qianfeng North Road and Xinghua Street, in front of boutique Clothing StoreShanxi Blood Center: no. 185, Yingze West Street, Taiyuan Other blood donation points and opening hours: Gujiao Blood Donation House: Gujiao Dachuan East Road, Open every Monday, Thursday, Saturday qingxu Blood Donation House:Qingxu Xugou Blood Donation House: in front of the Second People’s Hospital of Qingxu County; on the south side of Yangqu County Square Bus station; Loufan Blood Donation House: on the 1st, 10th and 20th of each month:Next to Loufan Movie Theater, open on 10th and 20th every month