China Construction second bureau investment company South China branch memory revolutionary martyrs feeling red power

2022-06-07 0 By

Qingming Festival is approaching, to remember the revolutionary martyrs, promote patriotism.On April 2, the South China Branch of China Construction Engineering Group Ii Investment Company organized employees to lay flowers for heroes in the Martyrs’ Cemetery of Guangzhou Uprising in an activity themed “Remembering the revolutionary martyrs and Feeling the red Power”.Red kaposi in full bloom in the martyrs cemetery, also like the revolutionary hero’s blood dyed red tree tops.A monument in the cemetery with a rifle pointing straight at the sky reflects the great spirit of the revolutionary heroes who participated in the Guangzhou uprising against oppression and seized power armed.Employees of South China Branch visited the whole cemetery, solemnly laid flowers before the gravestones, and paid solemn silent tribute to express gratitude and respect to the martyrs.In the story of revolutionary heroes Zhang Tailei, Ye Jianying and guangzhou commune, the great struggle of the Communist Party of China is comprehending, drawing on the red power, carrying forward the revolutionary spirit and inheriting the struggle.By Qu Shaopeng to Hong Wu