Chinese style!The Spring Festival Gala dinner is full of flavor

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Over the Spring Festival in recent years, from time to time, I will hear that the “Flavor of the Year” is weak, so I always want to find the “flavor of the Year”, but where is the “flavor of the Year”?This “New Year flavor” in the custom – bearing ancestors of the etiquette;In the greeting – online and offline New Year’s greetings out of the New Year’s expectations;In the tip of the tongue – the New Year’s goods loaded with the taste of home.Thick “New Year flavor” more in the common expectation of thousands of families, full of ceremony – Spring Festival Gala dinner.I have to say that the Spring Festival Gala runs through many people’s memories of the New Year’s Eve, this habit has been formed, like inertia, feel like not watching the Spring Festival Gala.Their New Year’s Eve dinner, the menu can be the same every year, but the Spring Festival Gala dinner, the program has been New Year after year.Every year as Spring Festival approaches, everyone pays attention to what dishes will be on the Spring Festival Gala this year.This “menu” should be in common sense, but also in unexpected, push “new dishes”, surprise!The gala has been held for 40 years, and now we have served a table of “Chinese style” dishes. The elderly and children can’t help exhaling: “Wow, it’s so fairy!”The dance poem “Only This Green” catches our attention like a “clear stream”. It tells the story of a young researcher from the Forbidden City who “travels back to the Northern Song Dynasty” to watch the story of Wang Ximeng’s creation of “A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains” from the perspective of the exhibition. With the background of the dance, a piece of it is an ancient painting.Full screen of Chinese culture, the heart is very surprised.As soon as the Chinese New Year arrives, the streets and alleys will be filled with music “Happy Chinese New Year”, and this full national style is really the taste of “Chinese New Year”!Both traditional culture and innovative interpretation, traditional Chinese wind injected new vitality, Spring Festival Gala “new dishes” heart, heart!Chinese New Year is the inheritance of thousands of years, this new idea attracts young audiences to inherit the national style!Inspired by the bronze mask of Sanxingdui cultural relic, “Golden Face” integrates virtual and real technologies. Dancers travel through time and space in the ancient Shu kingdom, leading the audience to experience Sanxingdui culture in an “immersive” way. It also forms a link with the restored cultural relics exhibited for the first time.In “Running Clouds and Flowing Water”, three Tai chi masters set foot on the highest point of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing respectively. Through the design of transition shots, the tai Chi style and urban landscape are connected, so that modern and ancient charm blend and collide.”Breast tiger Roaring Spring” in the guarantee of martial arts action ornamental at the same time, the complete story of “tiger baby” in the delivery process of difficulties and obstacles, staged a foreign wind wuxia stage play……New Year’s Eve shousui, bright lights pray for the New Year, with the company of the Spring Festival Gala, time passed quickly, shousui process feel sleepy.Zero after the show also let a person delighted, “yi jiangnan” pu cunxin, yuanzheng feng, shore and other large coffee, when actors incarnate the fisherman, the woodcutter, walkers, and educated, through the paces in the fuchun mountains, to the “national treasure” live up, then see a net friend said there is a “a roll in the hand, jiangshan is infinite” the immersion of aesthetic experience.When children watch the program, they often ask where these allusions come from.The poem on the reading is like “through the books” reflected on the Spring Festival Gala stage, and into the hearts of the audience.Marvel at the fusion of stage and technology, and marvel at the ingenious choreography of Chinese style.In this Spring Festival Gala, we find the “Flavor of the New Year” beyond our expectations.The gene of national style with a new deconstruction, creative full of the initial “heart”;The presentation effect depends on new technology and international vision — the content is “new” over time;The foundation comes from its own history and culture — feel cultural confidence across the screen.This Spring Festival Gala, dragon teng Tiger yue, Tiger Hu sheng wei!