Curling mixed doubles lost 5-7 to the United States, China’s joint sixth record, Australia’s seventh straight loss to the bottom

2022-06-07 0 By

Curling mixed doubles round robin China team against the United States team, before the same 2-2 record living in the fifth place, want to fight for the top four promotion list, this match no loss!The first game, the Chinese team lived, LingZhi cast upon a curling occupy vantage point from the opponent, one for the USA pulis after knock off our curling and occupy the position of more close to the center of the circle, there are two POTS of advantage, LingZhi want to fly with the two curling but only one, into the team USA’s last shot singh firmly near the center of the circle, a 2-0 lead.The second game, The Chinese team back hand, the Chinese team first hit the other side of the occupying position is good, the United States team to take around the ball tactics to block the route, Ling Zhi a “violence K ball” brought three curling, the United States again around, the last cast did not squeeze to the center of the circle, China team 1 point.1-2 lag behind.In the third set, China took the lead, with its last shot breaking the yellow pot and occupying a straight line, while the United States scored with its last shot closer to the center of the circle.1-3 lag behind.In the fourth set, Fan Suyuan scored two points to tie the game 3-3.In the fifth game, The Chinese team took the lead, and the American team took away the red pot near the center of the circle. The American team occupied a favorable position with three POTS.The final shot gave the US three points and a 3-6 deficit.The sixth game, The Chinese team backhand, both sides play each other set (refers to which play which) The Chinese team grabbed the advantage, the last throw fan Su yuan again set success, this game got 2 points, 5-6 down.In the seventh game, China took the lead, and the United States first threw out of the base camp.The AMERICANS scored a minute on their last shot and were down 7-5.The eighth inning was scoreless.China lost 7-5 to the United States and suffered its third straight defeat.At the same time, Sweden beat Canada 6-2, winning 5-2, widening the gap between the two sides, but also overtook Canada.Canada and the United States are 3-2 in fourth place, the Czech Republic 2-3 with China and Norway in sixth, Switzerland 1-4 in ninth and Australia 0-7 in tenth.Italy 7-3 Australia, 5-0 first, England 8-3 Czech Republic 4-1 second.Sweden finished third with 5-2 wins.(The above are arranged according to the winning rate, without statistics of minor points).In the evening, it will be Norway with the same record, ling Zhi/Fan Su Yuan cheer, still hope to advance.