“Civilized city” Wuqiang County campus surrounding environment special rectification will be held

2022-06-08 0 By

In order to further strengthen the campus surrounding environment comprehensive management, to purify the campus surrounding environment, maintaining the school normal teaching order, recently, Mr County party committee organization department of education, live built bureau, bureau of WeiJian, market supervision and administration, fire brigades, traffic police brigade, article wide bureau, bureau of smoke 䓍 unit director is responsible for the comrades, such as a county campus surrounding environment rectification work.The meeting was presided over by Liu Bin, deputy secretary of the standing committee of the county Political and legal Committee.At the meeting, “Wuqiang County campus surrounding environmental special remediation work program”, the campus surrounding environmental remediation work was arranged and deployed.Meeting requirements: First, to build synergy.All responsible units should further unify their thinking and understanding, refine work measures, give full play to the role of all parties, strengthen the comprehensive renovation of food, health, transportation, cultural market and other aspects around the campus, and ensure the harmonious stability and orderly surrounding the campus.Second, we need to consolidate the responsibilities of all parties.All relevant responsible units should strictly implement their responsibilities, take the initiative and take active actions, focusing on the investigation of uncivilized behaviors near the campus, so as to ensure that the tasks and responsibilities are carried out in a solid and orderly manner.Third, we need to improve the long-term mechanism.All responsible units should adhere to problem-oriented, focus on key areas and key links of campus peripheral remediation, actively find existing problems, deeply analyze the causes, strictly implement supervision responsibilities, constantly improve systems and mechanisms, and continuously consolidate the effects of campus peripheral environmental remediation.■ Chuangcheng Supervision Hotline: 0318-3821205 ■ Chuangcheng Email: wqxwmb308@163.com