Colleges and universities in our province have entered the staggered peak opening mode

2022-06-08 0 By

Reporters learned that the province’s colleges and universities have issued spring tips or back-to-school programs.The reporter noted that epidemic prevention and control is still the focus of universities to remind students.Most universities will return to school by staggered peaks in batches. At the same time, it is clear that negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours are required before returning to school. Green codes of “one code pass” and “big data travel code” have become the “standard configuration”.The reporter learned that Xi ‘an University of Technology will return to campus in batches from February 21 to 27.Students are required to apply for returning to school in advance, submit relevant materials and information online, and return to school as planned after verification by counselors and approval by the School. Students are not allowed to return to school without approval.The school has made it clear that students should meet the following conditions when returning to school: xi ‘an “One Code Pass” and “Communication big data Travel card” green code;Students who are healthy 14 days before returning to school, without fever, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, and the health monitoring record of “Epidemic Pass” is normal;Nucleic acid test negative within 48 hours prior to return to school.Or no living family nearly 14 days in high risk areas and the county (city, area, flag, municipality directly under the central government or deputy provincial city of villages and towns or street) living in history, and himself on his way to school without the high risk areas and the county (city, area, flag, municipality directly under the central government or deputy provincial city of villages and towns or street) to transit hubs.Students of Xi ‘an Peihua University will register for the first semester on March 5th and 6th (Saturday and Sunday).Classes will start on March 7 (if the school needs to return to school by staggered peak, it will be adjusted dynamically according to the epidemic situation and will be notified separately).All faculty and staff should return to their residence in Xi ‘an 14 days before the start of the semester to monitor their health at home.When students return to school, they should present the “Return to School Notice”, the big data travel card, the health code green code, and the nucleic acid test negative proof within 48 hours.The school has also made it clear that there are various conditions for students not to return to school temporarily, which can be checked on the official website of the school.Officials at Xi ‘an Peihua University said they will adjust the conditions for returning to school dynamically according to the latest requirements of Shaanxi Province.Students of Xi ‘an Foreign Affairs University will attend classes on March 5th and 6th, 2022.Feb. 19th and 20th, students will register in Northwest A&F University.Classes will start on Monday, February 21.Xi ‘an Shiyou University students returned to school from February 26 to 28.Students are not allowed to return to school early without the approval of the school.Foreign teachers and students currently abroad are not allowed to return to school without permission of the university.Teachers and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan will follow suit.Schools that have announced plans to return to school have reminded students to postpone returning to school if they live in medium-high risk areas or have a history of living in medium-high risk areas within 14 days.At the same time, teachers, students and staff returning to school should conduct self-health monitoring at least 14 days in advance according to the start time of school, and make temperature monitoring records and report daily.Upon returning to school, teachers, students and staff must hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and accept temperature test, health code and big data travel card for verification.At the same time, students are reminded to do a good job of personal protection on the way back to school and avoid transit or stopover in medium-high risk areas.If the epidemic situation or local epidemic prevention and control requirements change, the school will make an adjustment notice.