GameSpot lists the 25 best games for the PS3

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Documents released this week by the SECURITIES and Exchange Commission show a timeline of early negotiations for Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.Takeover talks began a day after Phil Spencer announced a review of the relationship.On Nov. 16, the Wall Street Journal reported that Bobby Kotick knew about sexual harassment, causing Activision Blizzard’s stock to plummet.Spencer posted an internal email on November 18 saying that “Xbox is fully re-evaluating its relationship with Activision Blizzard,” and on November 19 he called Kotick to express “interest in discussing strategic opportunities between us.”One of the reasons Microsoft moved so quickly was that four other companies had expressed interest, including one that only wanted to buy Blizzard, but Activision’s board deemed that too complicated.At the end of the filing, Bobby Kotick stands to receive a substantial amount of money, including $410,142,075 in shares after the acquisition and $14,592,302 in compensation even if he refuses to leave and is fired from Microsoft.