Husband and wife volunteers at a nucleic acid testing site

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This article is transferred from: China Industry Network source: China Industry network workers daily – China Industry network reporter Zou Mingqiang correspondent Gao Xin “Hello, please show your Yue Kang code.””Please cooperate and take your temperature…”Shuikou village nucleic acid testing point in Dalang town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, a pair of “young couples” are active.They are working with each other to fight the epidemic.They are zhang Qiong and Guo Na, employees of the Railway Bridge Bureau in dongguan project Department.Since the outbreaks in guangdong, to fight the spread of spillover, the whole town in dongguan DaLang town village (community) as the unit, set up the nucleic acid testing sample point, residents mobilized the masses to carry out the total nucleic acid detection, as know need to assist the nucleic acid detection information acquisition and who maintain order after the message, “couple” immediately volunteered, hand in hand toward the disease resistance “battlefield”.Since March 1, the “young couple” have been arriving at the nucleic acid testing site next to the Shuikou Village water Plant at eight o ‘clock every morning to help the staff prepare for the event, arrange the site, clear the channel and check the epidemic prevention materials.When the medical staff arrived, they began to change protective clothing, his wife Guo Na work every day for nucleic acid detection personnel information collection, “security team leader” Zhang Qiong is in the side to maintain the scene order.”You go inside to have a rest first, drink some water, come to the car I call you…”Zhang Qiong always cares about his wife from time to time.In this way, two people cooperate with each other, within half a month, the couple had a blister on their feet, a rash on the body, and the clothes in the protective clothing have been in the state of “immersion”, but they do not care at all, still stick to the front line of fighting the epidemic.”Although neither of us is a professional medical worker, we still hope to do something meaningful to prevent and control the epidemic,” said his wife, Guo Na.Responsible editor: Yin Wenzhuo