My family’s New Year flavor

2022-06-08 0 By

As long as I can remember, it was a good year in my hometown until I finished high school. It was noisy and there were many people my age.Now, don’t mention it.Are the heart of comparison, 90 after most of the struggle outside a very few Chinese New Year home, I believe that most of 90 after are still unmarried, go back to the Chinese New Year in the face of seven aunts and eight aunts cross-questioning, so more and more do not want to Chinese New Year, the more grow up the more do not want to Chinese New Year.When I was young, I did not know how to think so much. Now I grow up and think more. The society is not like before, and the pressure is increasing day by day.The so-called Taste of The New Year is to keep up with the Joneses, now more and more serious.Chinese New Year depends on who has money.How much money did they make this year