Overthrowing Newton, Maxwell and Einstein, can China become the world’s science center?

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Needham’s Question was put forward by The British scholar Joseph Needham (1900-1995). He formally raised this question in his 15-volume History of Science and Technology in China, with the theme as follows:”Although ancient China made many important contributions to the development of science and technology, why didn’t the scientific and industrial revolution happen in modern China?”In 1976 Kenneth Bolding, an American economist, called it the Needham problem.Many people further generalize Needham’s puzzle, asking “why did China lag behind in modern science?” and “Why did China lag behind in modern times?”The debate on this issue has been very lively.Qian Xuesen, China’s famous science leader, once put forward the famous “Qian Xuesen’s Question”, which, like Needham’s question, is a concern for China’s science and technology.The Needham puzzle, also known as the Needham puzzle, is Needham’s question.Needham’s Question is one of the core topics in the field of Chinese studies.Qian Xuesen asked, “Why can’t our schools produce outstanding people?”This is known as qian Xuesen’s question.Qian xuesen’s questions are in line with Needham’s questions, both of which are concerns for Chinese science.When Premier Wen Jiabao visited Qian xuesen in 2005, Qian said, “None of the students trained for so many years can match the academic achievements of the masters trained during the Republic of China.”Qian then asked, “Why can’t our school produce outstanding talents?””Qian Xuesen’s question” is a difficult proposition about the development of China’s education cause, which needs to be solved jointly by the entire educational circle and all sectors of society.Can China become a science center of the world?Because, I unified all powerful, overthrew Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, overturned since Newton from the classic to modern three hundred years of the whole physics, I unified all powerful gravity theory is the future of the whole natural science foundation, so, China can become the world science center?This is the question I have to think about.