Real gap between Chinese football and Myanmar revealed!Forty-two years old celebrity said the truth, Fan Zhiyi a prophecy

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Q: how can I receive such sports information every day?A: Just click on the top right to follow.China’s national football Team lost 3-1 to Vietnam in the 8th round of the World Preliminary Round, leaving the World Cup and losing to Vietnam for the first time in history, creating a humiliating record.And the national football team’s defeat, fan Zhiyi once again sent hot search.Nine years ago, after China’s national football team lost 5-1 to Thailand, Fan Zhiyi once said, “After Thailand lost to Vietnam, then myanmar, no one lost.”That is now half true.After the national football team lost to Vietnam, more and more fans turned their attention to Myanmar football.On various platforms, bloggers have started to educate fans about Burmese football.Although the current national football team relative to Myanmar, strength is still in absolute advantage, losing myanmar that day seems to be very far away.But it is hard to guarantee that myanmar will not become Vietnam’s second team in a decade or two, for a national team short of naturalised players.Nine years ago, although we were disappointed with The National football team, we would not have expected that the national football team would lose to Vietnam nine years later.Today, The National football Team has refreshed the bottom line of the fans again and again. We have to worry that one day in the future, Fan Zhiyi’s angry words will become a reality.So what is the real difference between Chinese football and Myanmar football?Myanmar fans are modest about the issue.Reporters randomly interviewed Myanmar football fans, who generally believe that the national football team’s level is higher than Myanmar’s, Chinese players’ training is more systematic, and Chinese football is 10 to 20 years better than Myanmar’s football.However, Gao Leilei, 42, one of China’s most famous footballers, gave a poignant answer that China’s youth training has fallen far behind that of Myanmar and Vietnam.Many fans are unfamiliar with Kao leilei, who played for Beijing Guoan as well as in the Australian and Finnish leagues.After retirement, Gao came out of retirement in 2015 to play for West B and retired again in 2020.More than his achievements on the football field, Gao Leilei’s achievements are charity.He has donated many football fields and dedicated his heart and soul to the youth training of Chinese football. He is a real practical person.However, Gao Lei lei is straightforward and hot-tempered, daring to say anything.This time, Gao Lei lei is also mercilessly pointed out the Chinese football youth training backward status quo.Kao lei lei said that when he donated the stadium in Myanmar seven years ago, he already found that Myanmar’s youth soccer surpassed China’s.Taking this as a time point, China’s youth training is more than 10 years behind myanmar, Vietnam and other countries.”I was wondering why you should be surprised to lose to Vietnam,” Kao asked the fans.Indeed, for the fans, losing to Vietnam was hard to accept.But for the professionals, it has become clear that Chinese football is paying for the mistakes of the past decade or two, and the loss to Vietnam was a long time ago.Now in the national Olympic, national youth, national junior and other levels of national teams, our advantage and Myanmar has become smaller and smaller.Now as a node, if Chinese football is not able to walk on the right road, then one day in the future, Fan Zhiyi will be a prophecy – lose myanmar, then no one will lose.