Shaodong Big Hetang Street road: increase the intensity of gun ban people safe holiday

2022-06-08 0 By

Rednet moment February 2 news (correspondent Zhang Fenglin Zhao Yufeng) “comrades happy New Year, urban area prohibited fireworks, thank you for your cooperation.”January 31 (New Year’s Eve) night, Shaodong City big hetang street patrol law enforcement cadres to prepare to set off fireworks citizens to persuade.Dahetang Street arranged more than 260 cadres and volunteers on duty and patrol to ensure the safety and environmental protection of the area during the Spring Festival in order to implement the gun ban and establish a provincial civilized and healthy city standard.Setting off fireworks is easy to cause safety accidents, fireworks will also cause environmental pollution and air quality decline, have a negative impact on people’s lives.In order to ensure that the people spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, Dahetang street to strengthen publicity, management, the establishment of the secretary, director as the leader of the gun work leading group, the development of community unit linkage emergency disposal plan.On the eve of the Spring Festival, in combination with epidemic prevention and control, work safety and other work, we carried out “Happiness knocking” propaganda to ban guns during the Spring Festival. We increased the coverage of propaganda by banners, display screens, billboards and other propaganda methods, improved the awareness of the public to consciously ban guns, and effectively curbed the illegal discharge behavior.Strengthen patrol screen, from the source control, union station, safety, pipe and other departments to various shops, grocery store, jurisdiction and trade city of illness in key sites, such as in the field of community, it noticed how people hold fireworks, inspectors follow the clues discovered a vehicle fireworks, random joint safety, the city banned to do law enforcement will be fireworks seized,And ordered illegal sales of fireworks and firecrackers shops to stop sales, cut off fireworks sales source.New Year’s Eve is the key prevention time of fireworks and firecrackers, dahetang cadres and workers give up the family reunion into the patrol gun ban work, arrange 4 groups of personnel respectively in Tongjiang Bridge, Lian Bridge, Bangsheng Square, trade city for fixed-point guard, and arrange mobile vehicles to patrol in the area of inspection,From 5 p.m. on New Year’s Eve to 2 a.m. the next day, more than 400 people were encouraged to set off fireworks.”Give up your small home for everyone.”Under the efforts of the gun personnel, the big hetang street to achieve the goal of a gun.”The gun ban or control in place, many benefits, air purification, no noise,” said Mr. Li, who lives in Tianmao Garden, Dahetang street.