Sharp point!Former national football association translator: the head of the football association should resign immediately open the recruitment of foreign teachers

2022-06-08 0 By

Xie Qiang, a former translator of China’s national football team, said in a scathing post after the team’s humiliating 3-1 defeat to Vietnam that the head of the football association should take responsibility and resign and start hiring foreign teachers immediately.It was bound to be a sad night for all Chinese football fans.I expected to lose, but I didn’t expect to be scored three times.Even in your wildest imagination, you can’t figure it out.I express four content: one, the current football association should be responsible for the resignation.There are no bright spots in the National football team, the league and the youth league. Although any passive situation is not caused by one person, it is you who bear the responsibility after all.It is said that the football association has been separated from the general administration system, and there is no complicated procedure for resignation. Let the resignation of the main person in charge give Chinese football a chance for a fresh start.Two, Li Xiaopeng today before starting the naturalization of poor physical fitness and competition of mass recruitment 50 players 15 coaches make heroes, his coach is a lack of understanding for the player, reasonable running of the national team to lack of experience, the expression of before and after the game, such as bear all the responsibility and the name of the national wealth expressed the hope that establishment of,It shows that he is a very considerate of others’ feelings, but he does not have the experience and experience that a Chinese football manager should have.Chinese football should immediately open the recruitment of foreign teachers, coach Li retired as assistant coach, and then learn experience.Third, the practice of naturalized players should be completely ended. The current situation of Chinese football needs long-term consideration, thorough reform and long-term plan to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of Chinese football players.So far in the World Cup, the naturalization experiment has been a complete failure for lack of strong management.Managing foreigners has never been their forte.Fourth, the public opinion environment of Football in China is not as good as 20 years ago. Major media such as Football Daily and Titan Sports weekly have a low cognition of football at a low level in history. Various other media pursue excitement rather than professionalism, and even make mistakes frequently, making basic common sense wrong.The whole ecological retrogression, bad currency inside roll, to the fans can not form a rational guide.Looking forward to the new Red Mountain pass meeting of Chinese football, but also know that all is said and done, the hope is slim.