South Korea, disgusted with the food of the Winter Olympics, secretly emptied the watermelons, and Japan complained beyond endurance

2022-06-08 0 By

If it were not for the controversy like Hwang Dae-heon’s semifinal in the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating, I think there would still be a lot of netizens who would not object to the existence of the Korean team.It’s not that they don’t mind their bizarre behavior on and off the field, but the inconsistent performance presented by this bizarre behavior is really funny to watch.For example, they knew they could not invite Jin Shantai, the South Korean coach of China’s short track speed skating team, to apologize to South Korean netizens, but in order to make amends, they invited a South Korean man with the same surname as Jin Shantai to apologize to South Korean netizens.For example, in order to show their “righteous” image to the outside world, after Hwang Dae-heon was out of the men’s 1,000m race due to foul, the South Korean delegation also announced that it would hold a press conference in advance, and then denounced the injustice of the referee in the press conference, and even wrote a letter to the International Olympic Committee.But when reporters from Reuters and other media went to look, they found they could not understand what Smida was saying because there was no English interpreter.In order to “show” to their own people, a team of players from one country did not hesitate to fool the authoritative foreign media in such a serious press conference. Do you think it is funny?This reminds me of the Korean TV drama Funny Family when I was a student.From arrogant grandpa, shallow grandma, gluttonous dad who loves to fart, gossipy mom, affectionate brother-in-law, and two brothers, there are tons of funny things that surround this big family every day.A stomachache that makes you laugh.And the performance of the Winter Olympics in South Korea gives people the feeling, is also particularly funny, especially their mouth said very special disgust but the body is particularly honest performance.Like the ambivalence about the food in the Olympic Village.We know that South Korea is not a big country and the temperature is low, so it is difficult for many industries to develop there.For example, kimchi, which they are proud of, is mostly imported from Our country.In addition, a lot of beef is also imported from China, the United States and Australia, because there are very few places suitable for raising cattle locally, resulting in low beef production and high prices.In addition, fruits that can be seen everywhere here are also expensive in Korea, such as watermelon.We buy watermelon is calculated by a piece, South Korea there is even calculated by a piece, which shows the exaggerated degree of its price.So you can imagine the south Korean athletes’ mixed feelings as they entered the dazzling athletes’ dining hall in the Olympic Village, where 678 dishes from around the world were served.From many reports, we can see that athletes from the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries show their love for these foods, and are even willing to cook them.Such as stir-fried broccoli, kung pao chicken, dumplings, roast duck and so on.It is reported that the restaurant in the Olympic Village can eat more than 100 kilograms of dumplings a day at peak times, and 80 roast ducks a day at lunchtime.However, the Korean athletes put on a pretense, saying that it was too greasy and they couldn’t get used to it. They also applied to the Olympic Committee for special chefs and nutritionists to adjust the menu for the Korean team, and flew in ingredients such as the freshest kimchi from Korea.South Korea’s operation even the Japanese media can not watch.However, even if again “proud jiao”, Simida after all or escape really sweet law.Japanese athletes have reported south Korean athletes emptying watermelons after witnessing them packing up all the fruit from the athletes’ canteen in the winter Olympics village and taking it back to their dormitories, leaving nothing for their counterparts from other countries.Such a practice is obviously inappropriate, after all, there are many countries to eat here, such as watermelon, cantaloupe fruit is not prepared for south Korean athletes alone.The climate in Japan is similar to that in Korea, and fruits like watermelon are scarce.It is not hard to understand why Japanese athletes are unhappy with the Korean behavior.One thing on the surface, another on the back. Enough of the absurd things that Koreans did in this tournament.I don’t know what’s gonna happen next.