The construction of commercial complex in Canal Business District ushered in a new node, and the consumption scene of city sub-center was upgraded

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Recently, Tongzhou District Bureau of Commerce issued the notice “Beijing City Sub-Center of the 14th Five-year Period to expand the opening of the Service industry and business Services Development Plan” clearly proposed that the city sub-center will be built canal business district and global theme park regional commercial center.At present, the six commercial complex framework of the Canal business District has been opened, and the main construction of some commercial bodies has been completed.Recently, Beijing Yuanyang Ledi Port commercial complex project ushered in a new node, one of the six commercial complexes in the Canal business District.Project 06 Two office buildings and commercial podium west area completed acceptance.The 370,000 square meter project, located in the pilot launch area of the Canal Business District, includes a 100,000 square meter shopping center that will officially open in October.At this time, the consumption experience of the sub-center of the city will be improved and the consumption mode will be upgraded.Learned, le port dike project in promote canal culture inheritance, mining city vice center for novelty, desire based on lack of emerging create quality life guidance, the basis of planning a number of topic space, the original vice center the commercial block “two boss fang” night, with a total area of about 6000 square meters, will make 24-hour high-quality food and beverage blocks.The completion of the project will enhance the consumption space elasticity of the Canal business district.In terms of architectural structure, Yuanyang Ledi Port has carefully built the first double-storey commercial building in the sub-central business district of Beijing.The reporter noticed that the east platform area, as an important exhibition surface, is shaped by white “calla lily” petals, which can be reflected through the membrane surface and subtly introduce natural light from the second floor platform to the first floor, which can not only increase the outdoor interactive space of the project, but also improve the shopping comfort of consumers.In addition, the project design is fully integrated into the canal complex. At the main entrance of the business, a huge appearance device in the shape of an eye is created, which is called “the eye of the Canal” by the media. It will not only add cool color to the night of the sub-center of the city, but also become another symbolic name card for the external display of the sub-center of the city.Reporter: Zheng Shi li Wendong responsible editor: Zou Yanyan