The deaf and the dumb speak

2022-06-08 0 By

According to foreign media reports, The Eu presidency of France has recently been using the Ukraine incident to sweep the “presence”, Macron went to two countries in three days of mediation, but also said that “Russia has received a promise not to expand” (by the Russian government “denied” never signed any treaty with France).Caused the “take off the” Britain’s jealous, the UK government and also to a special visit to Russia talks, although there is no beginning is Russian media regarded as meaningless act, any NATO countries cannot across the United States and Russia signed an agreement, they can only look forward to progress and the relationship between the United States.But the Russian attitude could not stop the enthusiasm of the British foreign secretary, British Foreign Secretary Tony Truss to Moscow as scheduled.A disappointed Russian delegate appeared at a press conference after a few brief hours of talks at Britain’s request to coordinate talks on the situation in Ukraine.Lavrov did not use any fancy words to describe the talks, telling reporters: “To be honest, I am disappointed because there is a feeling of the mute talking to the deaf.We seem to be listening but not hearing, which means we have nothing in common.”At that time, Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron spoke well of the French president, saying that their talks were “constructive and can serve as a basis for solving problems”. Why is the content of the comments so bad in the UK?Sputnik, Russia’s state news agency, quoted excerpts from the conversation from insiders, giving a direct sense of how awkward, awkward and confusing the talks were.Reports show that At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Telas repeatedly repeated the need for Russian troops to withdraw from the Ukrainian border.Mr. Lavrov responded that the position of The Russian troops was within Russian territory.After that, Truss repeatedly stressed that “The Russian troops must leave” without changing the subject, and Lavrov again objected, saying that the Russian troops did not break any laws and had the right to conduct any exercises on Russian territory.To deflects the conversation, Mr Lavrov asked Mr TASS: “Do you recognise Russian sovereignty over the regions of Rostov and Voronezh [because this is where Russian forces are deployed and they are trying to make it clear to The UK that they are deploying troops on their soil]?”After a brief pause, Truss replied: “The UK has never recognised Russian sovereignty over these areas.”Rostov and Voronezh are Russian territories dating back hundreds of years to the time of the Czarist rule, and have been handed down to the present day.His aide, the British ambassador, had to remind Truss that the two states were indeed Russian territory, and the awkwardness reached its climax.Tellingly, Mr Truss corrected reporters after the meeting that he thought Mr Lavrov was talking about “Ukrainian territory” and that he had never questioned whether Rostov and Voronezh belonged to Russia.Some commented bluntly that the British foreign secretary had not even done her homework as a mediator, and that she seemed to have a “clockwork mechanism” installed in her mouth by the Us government that replied “no way” to anything the Russian representative said.