The wet and cold magic continued into Saturday, with the SUNS making an exception for overtime on Sunday

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Since yesterday evening (February 17) at present, shen once again usher in precipitation precipitation pause today (February 18) is overcast to cloudy in the morning at noon on overcast with light rain late need to prepare a rain gear downtown morning air temperature in the suburbs of about 3 ℃ lower temperatures during the day dragged down by the rain in the highest temperature is expected to only 7 ℃ the east side to the northeaster 3 ~ 4 commute the weather to work:Cloudy to cloudy, 5 to 6℃;Off work weather: cloudy with light rain, 7~6℃.The rain subsided on Saturday and turned cloudy overnight. Sunday was a day of sunshine that broke the spell of weekend rain but temperatures were not high,2 ~ 6 ℃ wind also relatively general feeling cold from the cold to shine out or wear more clothes oh ~ good weather next Monday continued however, Tuesday will rain on Wednesday to Thursday in cloudy weather temperatures will also have the obvious picks up the highest temperature can reach 15 ℃ oh voice in the coming days the weather on February 19th (Saturday) :February 20th (Sunday) : cloudy, 2-6 ℃ February 21st (Monday) : cloudy to overcast, 2-9 ℃ February 22nd (Tuesday) : overcast with showers, 3-6 ℃
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