There is no doubt that Guangdong’s GDP exceeds Korea’s!How much does Korea average monthly salary have?This profession is the most sought after

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The GDP of guangdong province, more than South Korea for the first time in the end of last year, you know in a dozen years ago, South Korea’s GDP but for us to achieve rolling, but with the growth of China’s national strength, the first-tier cities also showed enough staying power, in 2021, the annual GDP of guangdong province in China broke through 12.4 trillion yuan mark, according to exchange rates,Our GDP is about $1.93 trillion, while South Korea’s total GDP in 2020 is about $1.63 trillion. Although South Korea has not released the total GDP of last year, considering the epidemic in South Korea in the past two years, we can basically judge that Guangdong has surpassed South Korea.GDP, and we’ll talk about specific wages, South Korea and there are different, here is the hours paid salary model, according to the regulations of the south Korean government promulgated the new salary, starting in January this year, the national minimum average hourly earnings will come to 9160 won, calculated according to the amount of work eight hours a day,An average Korean earns 73,000 won a day, or 1.914 million won a month if he works five days a week and four weeks a month.So is this number high or low?South koreans are paid according to the current exchange rate to calculate, it probably pay 48.7 yuan, 388 yuan a day, 10200 yuan a month, have to say that South Korea as a developed country, minimum wage standard is in a relatively high level, want to know in our country, and only north to guangzhou, this a few cities, white-collar workers can also come to earn ten thousand yuan of above.But one thing we should also know at the same time, in South Korea, there are many industries of the wage standard, only a little higher than the minimum wage, the reason why this is due to the monopoly of several large conglomerates in South Korea.In general, only a few big business in South Korea, at the same time also has a certain technical advantages, length of service also to meet certain requirements, to break through five million won a month, conversion into RMB is more than twenty-five thousand, and south koreans are also able to achieve these work in just a few, after all, only as lawyers, doctors, engineers and other technical type of work,To have such a monthly salary.Civil servants in South Korea can earn more than five million won a month if they become civil servants.This is why the Korean civil service exam every year there are hundreds of thousands of people to sign up, all said China, South Korea actually is the volume, almost every city in South Korea have all kinds of civil servants training institutions, and the fee is very expensive, but even so often appear in short supply situation, thus it can be seen in the heart of south koreans also, how high the status of civil servants,However, it is also a cruel fact that there are hundreds of applicants for one job, but only one is left. It can only be said that young Koreans are under great pressure.