Took six Ibrahimovic to qualifying for Pokemon, got knocked out of the park, and love can’t fix that?

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Began in February, the treasure can dream sword and shield, the position of war to update the new rules, the six treasure can dream can take up to two top god beast, so treasure can dream become more chaotic, ordinary treasure can dream of living space become more narrow, the author also recently just into the pit GEN8 position, have never thought today’s treasure can dream turns to be “against” environment, in a nutshell,There is no way for a team to win a game without pokemon, so it is impossible to win an intense ranking game like the one with 6 Ibrahimovic in the previous era of entertainment battles…Although the environment of being ranked was miserable for Pokemon, I still didn’t give up. I still took 6 Ibrahimovic to challenge for a ranked battle with 2 head monsters.The most troublesome and relatively difficult to counter top monsters in the current ranking battle are Cang Ring and Neptune fang.With exclusive props cang ability value is very high, speed up to 148, not with a special round want to kill cang ring is basically impossible, so and cang ring fight, also want to take the whole ibrahibb team, only a fire Ibrahibb can do, because cang ring battle will not be extremely huge…Therefore, if you want to fight with Cang Ring and benefit, you must attack in the same round on both sides. If you first play to carry cang ring’s attack, it is basically impossible for the amount of blood to carry it again and then kill the other side…However, the fire cloth is the main deterrent to the sound of heaven, so the fire Cloth is basically a must.But the performance of the firecloth is very, very awkward.It’s a far cry from the speed dogs with their own deterrence features and electric tricks.So the team fire ibrahimovic is basic must take, because the team needs to attack hand, and grass cloth is difficult to use, other ibrahimovic is basic special attack type.If the opposite cang ring has found the opportunity to sword dance + features to launch an intensified attack, then the durability of the fire Ibrahimovic may not even carry the giant cut, so the fire Ibrahimovic belt with breath after the hair system cang ring or a good choice.If you want to fire cloth against the cang ring it must strengthen the firepower, the physical type is more appropriate, although the special type of consumption is not good, but still recommend pure entertainment with unexpected effects.Matches are hot push, flash, bite, ghostfire or yawn.Ghostfire if you can waste the physical hand of the attack, such as the battle of ghostfire hit wudao bear division replacement is very NICE, yawning is very strong, but was opposite with the high-speed dragonfly back is boring, so I take the ghostfire.There are three options for Tenezian Ibrahimovic.My personal favorite, of course, is the water zlatan ibrahimovic, how many times in different generations of treasure can take me in this case the battle beckoning dream god treasure can dream, it is a pity in GEN8 environment, head scarf Wu Daoxiong division around the not extreme physical resistance to basic life one killed quickly also, couldn’t protected with melting + + leftovers h. consumption, so no bog the king this good,But Shuiyibu is still good, because she can learn the most powerful distraction skill I’ve been playing for a month. Yawn!As long as there is opportunity with a yawn, literally opposite is extremely JuHua raids, attributes, restraint, as long as have the opportunity to yawn, chance of victory is in your hand, and yawn even playing opposite the control action, is likely to have the opportunity to rely on leftovers h., match is so, yawning, necessary for hot water, if the content of attack to the round hot water burns, too sweet, the protection and melt.The melt increases resistance in advance of a favorable situation, and if the opponent is attacking you, sometimes you will use the melt to control the battle.Props are a natural choice for leftovers.Of course, there are many different ways to play Shuiyibu, as well as the type of extremely large and powerful attack with special eyes. The hitting surface is not too bad, but most of them are not very suitable for this environment. In the environment, the yawning type is more severe, even if provoked, you can keep hot water disgusting others…The second tenai hand is the goblin Ibrahimovic.It can ineffectuate the skills of dragon system, some special surround, special eye horrible dragon system god beast, strengthened dragon system directly reverse scale, can count on the goblin Ibrahimovic to block, good use can consume the opposite extremely huge turn.My props are assault vest +4 attack, do special shield with very cool, especially the more common Y god or can be forced to withstand.Want to return to the blood with demon kiss, but still recommend the month explosion, want to meditate with life jade, output, meditation a treble + life jade, output is very horrible, opposite the non-durable steel system basic half…Goblin ibrahimovic on the basic is often a chance ibrahimovic.However, the real disgusting shield in actual combat, I personally think it is Yue Yibu.Although I prefer to do attrition with ibub, this evil Ibub is a disgusting move.Export skills with only one fraud…Then make a wish + protection, both the opportunity to reply to teammates, also have the opportunity to let their blood, is the stability of the action, the last move necessary yawn.Powerful yawn I have found no more severe interference skills, once yawned opposite unless there are special countermeasures, such as tell to return skills, or open the demon field, or with the fruit of lifting abnormal state……Otherwise, you don’t want your Pokemon to fall asleep and yawn and yawn and yawn and yawn.Effort value distribution is HP and physics, one of the special durability, she is also a few yiburi few can be carried out after the giant beast cut, and then think of a way back blood yawned Pokemon…Props are best for leftovers. If leftovers run into water, wear a hard helmet.Reeb is very important, one is to resist the common lightning birds, lightning birds are not effective against it, not only so the prediction of the play to attract electricity can also create a favorable situation…Because of its fast speed, it is one of the few ibri that can exceed the sound of the sword and the teeth of the sea emperor, so props are necessary for the special encircle…Air waist is actually about the same, although high speed can electromagnetic interference, but the special round of words can not kill the cang ring, hit the sea emperor’s teeth can thunder to form a great threat to its, I absolutely opposite the metropolitan change strange.By the way, Reeb plays weather ball, which on a sunny day can probably hit the sky with a bang…But you need cover from a clear day, and for Reeb, a clear day and thunder don’t mix well, but a surprise strike can work wonders.Generally speaking, the percussion surface is really not very good…If you have fire skills, or water skills, maybe much better…So don’t forget the rain + thunder + weather COMBO, it’s hard to say what props to bring.Another high speed goon is Sun Ibrahimovic, sun Ibrahimovic has excellent characteristics, strong anti-interference ability, and high speed tricks, for my team, it is used to deal with those stubborn shield jamming type monsters, give them the special eye pit, their mission is completed.If you give an eye trick to the earth cloud, it will either only be able to scatter arrowheads, or it will only be able to fly earthquakes, which is likely to force the opposite side to hit you very large, so it is better for your strategy to prepare in advance…There’s always room for high-speed hitters.Of course, you can just throw the wall away.Ice Eboo is basically super hard to use.First of all, the ice system is very unpopular. The popular ice system is basically baboon Dharma, right?And then ice mammoths with ground properties…And Laplace who opened the wall…Not in the snow line, there is hardly any Ice Pokemon…Grass is basically sword dance +3 attack, grass + worm + common and ground system, the hitting surface is slightly better than Reeb, extremely large ground system can kill fire steel digging holes……And the grass cloth itself has the speed advantage, can be said to deal with the fire steel of the last insurance, generally SPEAKING, I basically do not use it is too difficult to use……Characteristics are also hard to develop.One last word about Ibrahimovic.Ibrahimovic is so cute, he’s so cute.Zlatan ibrahimovic’s tactics are not as powerful as they used to be with the Z move, and it is embarrassing to return the favor without his main weapon.There are 2 items can help ibrahimovic attack, a natural gas waist is giving up defense ability, and then to counter with dying, is actually very powerful tactics, and there’s a belt pyroxene, impose increased durability, skills yawn because zlatan ibrahimovic will strong interference, so these two kinds of zlatan ibrahimovic always can put to use in the team…The problem is that zlatan ibrahimovic can’t fight on his own, even if he is very big, it is difficult to hurt opponents…The pyroxene Eboo is basically a super-weakened kabi…Or the destructive power and speed of electric pikachu…So in the end, or the combination of qi waist + dying struggle + patience + yawn + lightning bolt is the most powerful, but this combination can only surrender when facing a ghost, so the opposite team has a ghost, or do not play Ibrahimovic, unless you give up the lightning bolt bite, extremely big hit special head Dolbart…Emmmm6 only zlatan ibrahimovic’s team really can’t play qualifying?To tell you the truth, it is very difficult, a lot of strange can not take good countermeasures, but it is not completely unwinnable.When I first tried this team, I won a game against 2 top gods, but only picked one cangang + Land Cloud + Lukario.I chose the fire ibrahimovic first guess opposite the first cang ring, the land cloud fire Ibrahimovic, Lu Kali oko my gas waist ibrahimovic, the results of the opposite still left 1 blood for the walk.My only shield is Yuehib.On yibu carry the cang ring after the attack, I protect, it sword dance, magic is actually carry the sword dance after the cang ring giant beast cut, with fraud counter-kill…Oh, thank god there’s no frolicking on the other side.Ibrahimovic kills Airwaist Lucalio and consumes himself…Finally left a no extremely huge land cloud, opposite extremely huge, I use yawn, it is extremely huge fly blunt, MY residual blood qi waist launch, I use to endure, opposite sleep, I use a dying struggle, opposite still asleep, 2 killed…The last One, Lucio, killed with lightning…Good thing it’s not fast!In short, with down, the strongest is yawn, as yawn strong rather than ibrahimovic strong, there is a yawn opportunity, but do not take others yawn countermeasures lightly.Ibrahimovic is cute, but the environment is so hostile that there is only one available for the team. Which one would you bring?