What are the matters needing attention in shenzhen office relocation?

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What are the matters needing attention in shenzhen office relocation?Moving in life is not a thing that often happens, so many people do not know what to pay attention to moving things, here we take you to understand what matters needing attention in Shenzhen office relocation.(1) Overall arrangement: department personnel after receiving the office relocation notice, the first step should be held company relocation meeting, determine the specific time of relocation and set up a working group and members responsible for relocation.(2) Planning space: prepare a plan of the new office, organize relocation team members to visit the new office, according to the work characteristics of each department unified planning of the department’s office furniture and specific location of items, and the new office space division plan notice to each department.③ appointment to move: after planning the new office space, you can contact the moving company, in the process of appointment, to explain all kinds of details, including: time, location, distance, how much car, need a few cars, which office furniture needs to be disassembled and office valuables need to be careful handling and so on.(4) plans: after an appointment, you can begin to formulate the office relocation work plan schedule, be clear in the table contains: moving car, instructors, and the driver, departments relocation move time arrangement, personnel arrangement, etc., for each office practice plan to adjust accordingly, the purpose is to ensure that the relocation work in an orderly way.In short, there are a lot of matters needing attention in shenzhen office relocation, we must be fully prepared, the above mentioned is only the preparatory work of office relocation, if you want to know more, Shenzhen ants move welcome to consult!