Zuo Quan County New Year’s Day 2022 Spring Festival volunteer service launch and “warm package” distribution ceremony

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Yellow River News Jinzhong news (correspondent Yadong Zhang Wenjun) recently, Zuoquan County 2022 New Year’s Day Spring Festival volunteer service launch and “warm package” distribution ceremony was held in Zuoquan County Nanjie Primary school, Zuoquan County Standing Committee, Publicity Minister Qin Guoying, and relevant department heads attended the ceremony.Qin Guoying pointed out that voluntary service is not only a noble public welfare undertaking, but also an important symbol of social civilization and progress. With the vigorous development of voluntary service in the new era, new stage and new task, voluntary service has also made great progress.Volunteers have played an irreplaceable role in helping the poor, spreading civilization, protecting the environment and participating in large-scale activities, winning wide recognition from all walks of life.At the ceremony, Wang Yungang, president of the Volunteer Service Federation, introduced the One Foundation’s warm Package project and its fund-raising. “One Foundation Warm Package Project” is a public welfare program aimed at the winter living and psychological care needs of children in underdeveloped areas.The warm bag contains more than 10 carefully designed items, such as cotton-padded clothes, cotton shoes, scarves, hand cream and school bags. The voluntary federation adopted the methods of helping children in pairs, school recommendation and social collection to verify and confirm the list of 100 children in distress, covering the entire urban area of the county and 56 natural villages in 8 townships.Qin guoying pointed out that first, it is necessary to raise awareness and “shoulder” responsibility. Participating in volunteer service is not only an awareness and honor, but also a responsibility.Volunteers should raise awareness, shoulder responsibilities, adhere to the purpose of “serving the overall situation, contributing to the society, warming others, showing love”, and fulfill the mission of “volunteer service, dedication”.Second, to create an atmosphere to “raise” the spirit, the volunteers should aim high, cheer up, based on the new starting point, to meet new challenges, vigorously promote the volunteer spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress”, to show the style of volunteers with quality service and selfless dedication.Third, we must work hard to activate our role.Voluntary service is not only an indispensable driving force for national prosperity, but also an effective force to promote social harmony.I hope all of you can work quickly to care for the elderly in need, guide the future of youth, promote the spread of love, promote a better life, practice civilized left power, and help prevent and control the epidemic.Ju Jiatong spoke on behalf of the assisted children.Later, Qin guoying and relevant department heads handed out “warm packs” to the children.[Edit: Bing Yi]