Delicacies on the tower xiamen Tongan “Ou” na Fu yuanxiao

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Xitang village, Xinmin Town, Tong ‘an District, Xiamen, will make a good “Ding Ou” carried out of the house.On the 15th day of the first lunar month of the Year of the Tiger, in addition to eating yuanxiao, enjoying lanterns and guessing lantern riddles, xitang, Lucuo, Guanxun and other places in Tongan District of Xiamen city still retain the custom of “filling the ou” with yuanxiao and offering sacrifices to ancestors.It is understood that the “installed ou” is divided into three kinds, which are “Ding Ou”, “gong Ou” and “zu Ou”.During the Lantern Festival every year, the people who had “added children” in their families last year need to make “Ding Ou” and offer sacrifices to their ancestral temples to express gratitude and bless the family peace and happiness.There are three generations of elders in the family (grandfather generation), need to make “public ou” placed in ancestral ancestral hall to worship ancestors;There are four generations of elders in the family (great-grandfathers) to make “Zu Ou” (also known as “mount”), generally placed in the central hall of ancestral hall.”Ou” will be placed into the mountain overlapping modeling, meaning longevity than the southern mountain, usually at a height of more than 1 meters.The base of “Installing ou” is a bamboo basket with spring valley, and the center of the tower is tied into a bunch of garlic sprouts and spring Onions. The villagers string chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, spiced strips and other food into a string, layer by layer hanging the tower body, and the outside is decorated with pine leaves, flowers, lanterns and so on.It is reported that the custom of “installing ou” ancestor worship in Xiamen Tongan has a history of thousands of years and is widely distributed within the jurisdiction.The products used for “installing the ou” are mostly cooked food, the most original meat skewered, oily rice, with the change of times and the improvement of people’s living standards, now it is replaced by pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, seafood and other kinds of food.This folk custom is both Thanksgiving and blessing, to express the reverence of the ancestors of the younger generation, but also a hope for the future life.(Chen Boxu Qiu Heng) Villagers hang clusters of food on the “Ding Ou” tower.The top of “Ding Ou” is decorated with complete chickens.Xu Qiuheng photo of a “Ding Ou” weighing 100 jins, need to be transported by a small truck.Photo by Xu Qiuheng of Ding ou in Zhang ancestral house in Xitang Village, Xinmin Town, Tong ‘an District, Xiamen city.Xu Qiuhang perturbation