Hong Kong bus driver: Most mainland aid workers are as old as my children and have a sense of mission

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China News Service guangzhou, March 26″The virus is so contagious, but medical workers and nucleic acid testers from the Mainland have chosen to leave their families behind and come to support Hong Kong’s fight against the virus. I think they are very selfless,” said CAI Minjie, a reporter from China News Service.Bus driver Yan Jianzhong told China News Service in Hong Kong Monday that it was his turn to take the night shift and later he would send the test personnel to work in the Falcon hard membrane laboratory at Kowloon Park Stadium in Hong Kong.In Hong Kong, a special convoy of three buses shuttled through the city’s roads.The team ensures the transportation of the inspection team every day.Yan Jianzhong is the team leader, “Our team of three drivers will immediately pick up the car, no matter how late, a phone call at any time, there will be no complaints, because the detection staff is harder than us.”Yan Jianzhong, 48, a Hong Kong citizen, became a bus driver for Guangzhou Hong Kong Bus Co LTD more than 10 years ago. Before the epidemic, he was mainly responsible for leading Hong Kong tour groups back to the mainland for sightseeing.After the outbreak of the epidemic, customs clearance between Guangdong and Hong Kong was suspended. In addition to other part-time jobs, Yan jianzhong returned to the company every week to maintain his car, “so that he can leave at any time.”The fifth wave of COVID-19 hit Hong Kong in February.To support and assist Hong Kong in its fight against the virus, a number of medical teams and testing teams from Guangdong rushed to Hong Kong.On February 19, Yan Jianzhong received an urgent call from his company to pick up a group of nucleic acid testers from Guangzhou at the Port of Hong Kong to help fight the epidemic.”When I heard that it was to pick up and pick up AIDS, I volunteered to sign up.I think it is very meaningful to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.”Yan jianzhong recalled that it was very cold in Hong Kong that day, but despite the tight time, he quickly got other team members to respond to the epidemic, quickly set up the anti-epidemic support team and obtained the temporary vehicle entry permit, and completed the transportation guarantee work for the detection team to enter Hong Kong that evening.From that day on, the guangzhou And Hong Kong anti-epidemic support team took the initiative to shoulder the transport guarantee work of the medical team in Hong Kong.”I was responsible for arranging vehicles and transporting people every day, and the hours varied.When Falcon was first built, I tried to pull an all-nighter a couple of nights, and I had to drive it at 4 a.m.”In travel guarantee, Yan Jianzhong and detection personnel became friends.From our daily conversations, we know that some of the inspectors are coming to Hong Kong for the first time, and Yan jianzhong will introduce Hong Kong customs and customs to them along the way to liven up the atmosphere.”They are young, about the same age as my children, and have a lot of drive and a sense of mission.”Yan jianzhong said, although most of them are in their early 20s, they are quite stable.From February 19 to March 25, guangzhou’s anti-epidemic support convoy has made 525 trips, escorting and assisting 7,723 detection technicians.”My family are all supportive of my work. My youngest son is studying journalism and communication at university and will share stories about the inspectors at school.Now he’s on his way with my bus to interview the testers.”Yan jianzhong said that in order to reassure his family, he attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention work, and will carefully check the vehicle before each trip, clean and disinfect the vehicle, starting from the details to ensure safety.”We also try to reduce the number of times we take public transportation to reduce the incidence of cross infection.”After the outbreak, relatives and friends on the mainland heard about the shortage of supplies in Hong Kong and asked to send daily necessities to Yan Jianzhong. “They were very concerned about me, but I said they didn’t need to send any more supplies because the mainland soon sent many supplies to Hong Kong.””Yan Jianzhong said.”I have a 70-year-old mother in Foshan and an older son studying in Zhuhai. We haven’t seen each other for two years.””We hope that the epidemic can be brought under control as soon as possible and customs clearance can be realized as soon as possible, which is also the wish of most ordinary Hong Kong citizens,” ngan said.Source: Chinanews.com