“Tiny girl” Liu Shuang: 19 years old, 64 cm tall, her parents never give up because of love

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Zheng shubo said she has not held her son since he could walk.Because, his elder sister Liu Shuang, still had to rely on mother Zheng Shubo to hold to live.This young child is zheng Shubo’s daughter who will never grow up.All this began in 2003.In that year, 28-year-old Zheng shubo married liu Hongmin, a fellow villager.They are all from Lindian County, Daqing city.Zheng Shubo is east xingxiang chuangye village, Liu Hongmin is Dawn xinglong village.In 2003, the two young people fell in love and got married.Married life is very calm, a month later, Zheng Shubo has the reaction of pregnancy.However, Zheng Shubo’s pregnancy reaction is a little abnormal.In addition to feeling sick and coughing a lot, the family thought she had a cold.Later, she became so serious that she could not get off the kang. It was not until the doctor came and examined her that she knew she was pregnant.After she became pregnant, Zheng shubo, like other pregnant women in her village, had regular free pregnancy tests.However, because it was a rural area, the hospital in the village did not have more advanced medical equipment, so throughout the pregnancy, the doctor said that the baby was small, and did not find anything unusual.Zheng Shubo later gave birth in the hospital.Perhaps because the baby was so small, the birth went smoothly.Lying in bed, she heard the baby crying loudly, and she thought everything was okay.However, when the nurse took the child, Zheng Shubo was dumbfounded.Although it was her first birth, she had never seen a baby that small before.Her head was the size of a goose egg and her fingers were as small as a bean sprout.Then the doctor gave her even more disheartening information: the baby only weighed two pounds.The doctor asked very directly: do you want the baby or not?It’s too small. I don’t think I can keep it.Zheng Shubo could not help crying after hearing this.Her husband, Liu Hongmin, vowed to raise the child no matter what.He said, the family keep a dog and a cat are reluctant to discard, let alone this is his own daughter.On the third day after her baby was born, Zheng shubo returned home under the care of her family.Everything was beyond the couple’s expectations, and everything they had prepared for the baby was almost useless.The clothes, in particular, were too big for her, even the sleeves of a dress could fit her easily.What made it all the more frightening was that the little man’s life was unusually delicate.Just arrived at home, Zheng Shubo found her daughter face changed, like something blocked her airway, see will be alive suffocated.Zheng Shubo hurriedly to the mouth to breathe for her daughter, suddenly sucked out a phlegm.That night, just feeding her daughter, after dinner the child began to vomit desperately.Vomit vomits the facial expression becomes blue and purple, saw again appeared daytime symptom.Zheng Shubo then gave her daughter suction, and suction out do not know sputum, or born when the flow of amniotic fluid in the inlet of things.She was fine at the time, but since then, she has been choking or holding her breath.At that time zheng Shubo may not know, it is because the child’s body is too small, her respiratory tract is also very narrow.However, after experiencing the first day of life and death, zheng Shubo began to pay special attention.During the whole period of confinement, Zheng shubo never stepped down the kang.She is not worried about her own body, but their own kang, her daughter can not do.All the other babies were lying next to their mothers.Jeong kept her daughter close to her chest for the first month.She was too young to feel warm at all.Zheng shubo thought that by placing her daughter on her chest, her warm body would help keep the baby warm.When waiting for everyday to take care of the child, Zheng Shubo feels unable to start from beginning to end.I am afraid that I accidentally broke my daughter.Especially when changing her diaper every time, Zheng Shubo has to toss for half an hour.She worried about her daughter freezing, so she heated the kang first.Then in the change of time, Zheng Shubo did not dare to force.In addition, Zheng Shubo has made her daughter’s clothes smaller.Some clothes are so small that they are no bigger than an adult’s hand.In this way, in the midst of daily fears and small hearts, the daughter ushered in the full moon.Zheng Shubo and her husband Liu Hongmin named their daughter Liu Shuang.Beyond the full moon, children still choke from time to time.Zheng shubo has to give her a puff every time she sees her daughter gasping for breath.The neighbors came to see the baby after the full moon.They were also surprised that the child would be so small, for fear that Zheng Shubo turned over in bed, a careless can crush her to death.Because she often holds her breath, Liu can’t sleep with her head up.Each time, Zheng shubo told her daughter to lie on her stomach.Gradually, due to the pressure of sleeping on her stomach, coupled with the fact that her airway is small, liu shuang began to snore at a young age.It was so loud that even people outside the house could hear it.I thought the baby would grow up, but months went by and nothing changed.And because her body was so weak, liu would cough and have a fever at the slightest change in the weather.Every time zheng shubo and Liu Hongmin get sick, it is like “picking skin and cramping”.The first time a fever is most severe is around one year old.See the child does not get better, Zheng Shubo first took the child to the village clinic.But the village doctor drew back repeatedly, saying nothing to give her an injection.Zheng Shubo and Liu Hongmin took their children to Lindian County.I’ve been to several hospitals, but I’m still afraid to see him.Finally in the local hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine, after zheng Shubo and Liu Hongmin begged, the hospital reluctantly agreed to give the child infusion.However, before infusion Liu Hongmin must sign – the hospital for fear of a needle on the young Liu Shuang died.Just a little bit of liquid medicine at the mouth of the bottle, she lost for three days in a row, and slowly improved.Since then, Zheng shubo has taken more care of her daughter.When the other children are born, they get all kinds of vaccinations.But because of Liu’s small body, no doctor, from the village health clinic to the county hospital, dared to give her the vaccine.Once, zheng shubo wanted to have a blood test for her daughter, but the doctor refused to take her blood.She’s too small to get out of trouble.Soon daughter does not grow up, after Liu Hongmin and Zheng Shubo discuss, the decision is reborn.In this way, when Zheng Shubo succeeded in pregnancy and her belly grew up again, her daughter could not walk and the body did not change significantly.Until a little more than 3 years old, Zheng Shubo has given birth to her son Liu Shuai, daughter Liu Shuang will gradually walk.But her daughter was still so weak that she could not reach the kang table with her hands.But after she could walk, Zheng shubo gradually found that the clothes she had made for her daughter had become smaller.It seems that the daughter is also growing little by little.Her mouth teeth also grow very neat, but later, unexpectedly one after another all fell out.Zheng shubo had no idea what was going on.The daughter was not long, but fortunately the son was healthy.Like other children, liu shuai was born with a normal body. Within a few months, he slowly overtook his sister in height.A few months later, her son was learning to talk and walk, and the daughter in Zheng’s arms was still Shouting as before.When liu Shuai was two years old, liu Shuang was four years old.Her younger brother is bigger than her older sister, and liu shuang looks like a baby.She can’t talk yet, but she can walk at last.Also, she often fights with her brother.My daughter seems to have the same mind as any other child, and can get very angry if someone annoys her.Once her brother annoyed her, and she almost ran out of breath.Liu Shuang could go out to play with her younger brother.At the age of four, one shoe looks the size of a dumpling.Liu hongmin and his wife zheng Shubo often work in the fields during the week, so their grandmother takes care of their two children at home once they can walk.Every time Liu hongmin comes back from outside, the first thing he does is to hold his daughter.Liu Shuang is so young that Liu Hongmin can hold her up in the palm of his hand.At that time, Liu shuang was only 55 centimeters tall and weighed only 6 jin.My young daughter likes music and dancing. When there is music on the TV, she will jump and dance with the rhythm of music.Liu shuang’s uncle had a radio at home, and every time she went there, she turned it on and danced to the music on the floor.Seeing the child has been so, Liu Hongmin also wants to take her daughter to see what is going on.However, the county hospital also can not say why, is to let them go to the big hospital to see.But Liu Hongmin is a farmer, want to go to a big hospital to see such a “strange disease” for her daughter, no money is not good.It was not until the end of 2007, after media reports, that Liu shuang’s situation gradually became known to the outside world.Then, in early 2008, a hospital in Harbin offered to give Liu a free full examination.The doctor said that the cause of the child’s short body, currently known to have two or three hundred kinds of inducement, Liu Shuang’s specific situation is how, must go through a comprehensive examination to thoroughly understand.Then in early January 2008, Zheng Shubo and Liu Hongmin, a husband and wife, took their child to Harbin for a detailed check-up.Subsequent examination revealed congenital achondroplasia.The odds of a cure for this condition are very slim, and that’s basically what kids are.Although the heart already know the child’s situation is certainly not good, but after understanding the actual situation, Zheng Shubo and Liu Hongmin still some cannot accept.It means, after all, that her daughter will spend her whole life in the shadow of being small and weak.But after the depression, the couple slowly pulled themselves out of the shadows.Her daughter is only 64 centimeters tall, but as she grows older, she walks steadily and speaks simple words.Blunt this, Liu Hongmin feels very gratified.As long as he stays at home and holds his daughter in his arms, Liu hongmin feels that all his tiredness is gone.Most of the time, his wife, Zheng Shubo, takes care of the children.The son Liu Shuai has grown up day by day, especially after going to school, usually can also help mother to share the responsibility of taking care of her sister.But every time holding sister to go out, outsiders strange eyes or many.Many people say that the Liu family has given birth to a monkey.This let Liu Hongmin once listened to very angry.But now that his daughter is getting older and not as frail as she used to be, the father is a little relieved.As a teenager, Liu’s world was still confined to her home.Except for a trip to Harbin carried by her parents when she was young, she never left her hometown.Later, with smartphones and short video feeds, Zheng shubo, who takes care of her daughter at home, thought she could sell things with her daughter on camera.Since around 2017, Zheng has been selling cosmetics online.Liu shuang often appeared with her mother, and soon gained a lot of attention online.In addition to the encouragement, a large number of netizens donated many nutrients to Liu shuang.When zheng started broadcasting, she earned more than 2,000 yuan a month from selling goods.More importantly, her daughter, who used to live in a closed environment every day, was able to connect with the outside world through the Internet.In 2018, Liu hongmin had a new wish: to take his daughter to Beijing.He wanted to take his daughter to a big hospital in Beijing to have a good look at the doctor, but also wanted his daughter to have a real look at the outside world.Liu Hongmin felt that more than 10 years of time has passed, with the current medical conditions, for her daughter’s physical condition, there should be a new view or a new solution.Even if my daughter doesn’t get better, it’s good to show her the outside world.After all, healthy children like my son can go wherever they want when they grow up.The daughter Liu Shuang, on the other hand, may never leave the house if her parents do not take her.Finally, liu hongmin helped his daughter realize her dream of going to Beijing through the sponsorship of the guest side of the variety show.Liu shuang is now 19 years old. Although she can only stay at home like a child most of the time, she has a loving father, mother and brother. I believe there are many beautiful moments in her life memories.| 22 image network, tort link to delete