Health code: Does it really require a lot of skill?

2022-06-10 0 By

A health code has triggered a big debate in China, many people think it is a very powerful technology, foreigners can not work out, because the technology is not good.Is that really the case?To answer this question, we need to first understand two concepts: first, the generation mechanism of health code: health code is a two-dimensional code first, generating a two-dimensional code has no technical content, as long as it is bound with the ID card, can achieve “one person one code”.The second is how to identify health: the health code has green, yellow and red, and is mainly discriminated by detection results and regional positioning.There is no technical content to obtaining test results, as long as the testing organization enters the test results into the system.So how do you do that?First of all, each person has a specific address registered in the small program, which is not technically difficult. Second, the trip self-check to obtain the trip code, which is also not technically difficult, because the mobile operators know where we have been at any time, just need to extract information.From a technical point of view, health code is not difficult, the only difficulty is the data synchronization between provinces and cities, departments, and the ability of system load balancing.The health code system in Xi ‘an went down because the server and bandwidth were not stress-tested.So why can’t foreigners figure it out?In fact, the problem is not technology, but different social governance concepts.Foreign governments have largely taken a lie down approach to COVID-19, so there is little incentive to do something similar.We can’t draw the conclusion of “technological advantage” just because of a health code, it’s very ignorant.