His regalia is full of school emblems, and flowers always bloom before his tombstone!

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This article from: xinhua nearly a grave pile up the water park in tianjin full flowers a bronze statue of an old man he called Bai Fangli basked in the spring Against the pedal tricycles with her after the rest of your life savings to fund more than three hundred poor students while leaving us seventeen years but in the heart of many people he never leave the poster:Fang Jinyang was born in 1913. Bai Fangli experienced the turbulent times. The embarrassment and helplessness of his past life made him unable to get education, but also planted the seeds of study in his heart early.Will push all three rounds of earn money to support education career it for fifteen years two steamed bread a pot of water point pickle a squeaks tricycle is on the road is not without his savings is put all life blood perfusion in those poor child a few yuan a few Angle to save up the money he donated to the school we have always full in the face of other people and even relatives don’t understand Bai Fangli is childrenWith a shallow feet to adhere to all this 15 years 350,000 yuan more than 300 students he eighty-eight years old when the last donation said let all the people in tears: “I am old, dry, this should be the last sum of money I donate.”Poster making: Fang Jinyang bai Fangli’s relics there is a special red ribbon decorated with the children’s school emblems nankai University, Tianjin University, Renmin University of China…The name of each school is not only the future of these children, but also bai Fangli’s most proud medal. The original children are now adults. The seeds planted by Bai Fangli have already grown into towering trees.