Hunan: Hengnan County to work hard to weave a solid transportation “epidemic prevention network”

2022-06-10 0 By

China Development network news recently, Hunan Hengnan County Transportation Bureau in-depth implementation of the normal epidemic prevention and control decisions and deployment, adhere to the dry word first, real word first, take the initiative to the front service, weave a strong “epidemic prevention network”, for the county transportation industry stable, safe, orderly development escort.In order to give full play to the role of “lead wild goose”, the bureau’s leading party group took the lead in setting an example, compaction responsibility, in-depth grassroots, sinking a line, before the examination command, supervision supervision of enterprises, townships (streets) epidemic prevention work implementation.(March 26, Hengyang city government party members, deputy mayor Zhu Chunguang line in-depth Hengyang Mayor source port navigation Industry Co., Ltd. field visit, detailed understanding of the enterprise epidemic prevention and control, production and operation and environmental protection work, requiring enterprises to further strengthen the performance of the main responsibility,To ensure epidemic prevention and control, production safety, environmental protection and other work implemented in place, accompanied by Yang Xiangyun, secretary of the Party Committee and director of the Bureau.)(March 30, the bureau party committee secretary, director Yang xiangyun to my car, sulfur, jiang city, hongshan inspection stations and other five high-speed intersection and treasure cover bayonet normalized work to carry out the “four steps inspection” outbreak, period of time since the entry to the nearest red yellow disposal situation, nucleic acid detection code staff understand, epidemic prevention and control work should be guaranteed to put in place.)(on March 30th, the bureau party committee member and deputy director of the Tan Bin line to zhongtong express company to guide the epidemic prevention and control work, epidemic prevention and control and supervisor found company not wearing armbands, not measuring temperature, delivery problems such as nonstandard disinfection parameter, requiring companies to further strengthen the source control, to implement the epidemic prevention and control enterprise’s main body responsibility.)(On April 2, Zhou Xiaojing, discipline inspection secretary of the Bureau, went to the “side point system” highway intersections and service stations to supervise the implementation of “four-step inspection” at checkpoints to normalize the epidemic.)March 26 solstice on April 3, the agency as sharp, the postal service express delivery, passenger transport, freight companies, vehicle maintenance enterprise, gathering station, water transport enterprises, the ferry dock, villages and towns get on point, line, highway bayonet service station and transportation sectors such as transport projects under construction in epidemic prevention and control inspection, supervise and urge the relevant units to carry out the principal responsibility, strengthen field management,Strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention to implement the “one test, two wear, three scan, four check, five report” and “four-step inspection.”For problems that occur during inspections, the responsible departments are strictly required to make arrangements for higher levels of standards and tables, so as to make changes immediately.In order to fully consolidate the responsibility of the main body and ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention measures, the transport enterprises of Tongsheng, The Federation of Trade Unions and Hengqi Group have been inspected for epidemic prevention and control and production safety.They also urged them to immediately put forward on-site supervision and rectification for problems such as failing to set up epidemic prevention and control supervisors, failing to wear masks for drivers and passengers, failing to set up nucleic acid testing information accounts for drivers’ health codes, and failing to formulate epidemic prevention and control plans according to the latest epidemic prevention requirements.We will take innovative measures, make overall arrangements, and mobilize all personnel to actively carry out volunteer action for epidemic prevention, so as to create a strong atmosphere of “everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control”, and ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work is normalized, refined and staffed.The bureau has adopted the “four no two straight” method to check the source of freight transport enterprises, urging enterprises to strictly use the location code and register employees with two codes (health code and travel code), implement temperature registration and wear masks, and set up a book of COVID-19 vaccination and nucleic acid testing for employees.(The bureau sends special personnel to assist five high-speed exits and one service station in the county to participate in the 24-hour epidemic prevention and control.)It is understood that in recent days the bureau mobilized more than 200 cadres and workers, check enterprises (projects) more than 70 (times), the investigation of hidden problems 65, has been rectified 58.(Full text)