Korea has become a colony?Us troops in South Korea have committed another street crime, south Korean netizens are angry

2022-06-10 0 By

Since the end of World War II, the United States has had military bases in almost every corner of the globe.Nearly half of them are overseas.The figures show that even after the adjustment and reduction, the US military now has at least 374 overseas bases and at least 300,000 troops stationed in more than 140 countries and territories.And with it, the atrocities committed by American troops abroad.Especially in South Korea and Japan, the most serious cases of U.S. soldiers.Recently, according to South Korean media news, on March 24, a US soldier stationed in South Korea went on a rampage while driving drunk, hitting a taxi and trying to hit and run.After being stopped by a taxi driver, he and his foreign accomplices beat the driver.It was not stopped until the South Korean police arrived at the scene.The incident occurred in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, and the soldier is about 30 years old.He was found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.183%, which is enough to revoke a driver’s license.Ironically, according to the status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) and other relevant documents, south Korean police are not allowed to detain U.S. troops in Korea continuously except for 12 felonies such as murder, rape and drug abuse.So the South Korean police had to hand over the American soldier to the United States.News, natural point exploded in the hearts of South Korean netizens anger.Many netizens left comments under the relevant news, not only accusing the US soldiers of being arrogant and scum, but also directly accusing the US soldiers of being so arrogant because they treat South Korea as a colony.There is also criticism that The STATUS of Forces Agreement has made Korea a dependency of the United States.As a reference, it is no wonder that south Korean netizens are so angry, it is the case everywhere.Yoon Seok-yeol, who was scheduled to have a phone call with U.S. President Joe Biden on May 11 after winning the presidential election, had to postpone the scheduled call and have a phone call with Biden early in the morning.If this is not enough for a country’s leaders, there are many other abuses committed by U.S. troops in Korea.In 2000, U.S. forces Korea threw chemicals into the Han River, contaminating the water supply.In 2002, two South Korean schoolgirls were run over and killed by an American armored vehicle. The perpetrators were acquitted.In 2020, a 21-year-old US soldier at Kunsan Air Base in Gangsan, South Korea, raped a local girl.On July 4, 2020, the Independence Day of the United States, a large number of US soldiers in South Korea ignored the epidemic ban in South Korea, gathered at a bar to get drunk and make trouble in the street, and then molested a South Korean policewoman who came to the duty.On June 27, 2021, two US soldiers stationed in South Korea knocked down a South Korean woman while intoxicated. After the hit-and-run incident, they were handed over to the US and released without charge.On June 17, 2021, a U.S. soldier stationed in South Korea violently assaulted a parking attendant after drinking and threw him..In addition, just like the biological laboratories seized by Russia in Ukraine, four bases in Yongsan, Busan, Gunsan and Pyeongtaek in South Korea have also set up biological laboratories for anthrax and conducted at least 15 anthrax experiments.This led to repeated protests by local south Koreans but to no avail.These are just a few examples, and most of the perpetrators are eventually acquitted.In fact, complaints are not confined to the public.Even in politics, there are plenty of angry voices.As in the south Korean presidential election narrowly defeated in Yin Xiyue in li Ming, he has told South Korea’s central daily, the republic of Korea and other countries, is not clean enough, at the beginning of the founding of the no to the liquidation of the pro-japanese forces, cause these forces and American occupation forces cooperation, formed today’s political system.Describing the U.S. forces in Korea as an occupying force.In addition, current President Moon Jae-in has made every effort to “lower the price” of the 11th SPECIAL Agreement on Defense Cost sharing between the United States and South Korea, but to no avail. As a result, South Korea will have to pay 1.1833 billion won, or about 1.037 billion U.S. dollars, for defense costs in 2021.That’s up 13.9 percent from the previous two years.And between 2022 and 2025, each year’s increase will be based on how much spending rose the previous year.Therefore, it is no wonder that Korean netizens will “cry every word of blood” when they want to take money and hurt people.