New Mondeo hidden model exposure;The FF 91 is finally in mass production

2022-06-10 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the all-new Ford Mondeo made its official debut. Compared with the old model, the new car underwent a comprehensive innovation, and adopted the design elements of sliding back and crossover, breaking the traditional impression of consumers on Mondeo.However, changan Ford officials seemed to keep a “hidden menu” at the launch at that time, and the new Mondeo derivative model did not appear at the same time.The hidden menu includes the Mondeo ST Line, a sporty kit, which has finally been revealed.In order to create a more youthful and sporty atmosphere, Mondeo ST Line chooses passionate red paint, and smoky black is used for details. In sports aesthetics, red and black is always the correct choice.The interior of the ST Line has been tweaked compared to the regular model, with a more three-dimensional “scale” design replacing the dot matrix grille and a smudged trim that runs through the front and connects to the headlights at the bottom.The wheel hub is replaced with a double five-spoke style, which looks sharp as a wind knife. The brake calipers are also sprayed in red, which is also to enhance the sports atmosphere.The biggest difference in the rear is the addition of a small black rear wing and a diffuser at the bottom. Other than that, the exterior details of the ST Line are basically the same as those of the regular model.The interior is increased through the red trim, used to improve the carriage movement atmosphere, the steering wheel “39” position is replaced with perforated leather package, at the same time equipped with shift plate, can make the driver more convenient control gear.The powertrain is the same as the regular model, with a 2.0-ton turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 238Ps and an 8AT transmission system.The new car is expected to be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April.Five years after its debut, the FF 91 will finally go into mass production — yes, the first car from Faraday Future, founded by Jia Yuting.Faraday Future announced on its website that the first FF 91 pre-production car will roll off the production line at 8pm Beijing time on February 24, and the whole event will be broadcast live.5 years of frustrations, experienced bankruptcy, company sales, jump ticket, this “new car” finally officially meet with consumers, in order to “new car” two words to hit double quotes?A new car that debuted 5 years ago and is now in mass production is still using the same technology and hardware as it was 5 years ago?”New clunker” seems a more appropriate description of the FF 91.In fact, FF 91 has been in pre-sale for more than half a year. From July 2021 to now, the official total of 14,000 orders have been received. The sales figures seem good, but only 300 orders have been paid for.Lamborghini’s first SUV, the Urus, is getting its first makeover. It will be named after the Urus EVO, and it will also get a hardware upgrade.Although it is a mid-range revamp, these ultra-luxury models rarely undergo major cosmetic changes, and details are tweaked for performance or practical purposes.In the Urus EVO, for example, the air intake grille was replaced with a through-through design, and vents were added on both sides of the bonnet to provide better cooling for the power monsters underneath.The position and direction of the guide groove at the rear wing sub-plate are adjusted, which is expected to optimize the aerodynamic effect. In addition, there is no significant difference with the cash model.The Urus EVO will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system and is expected to have a maximum power of 820Ps, meaning it will also have a lot more performance.