Quanzhou sends “1+1+13” policy “gift package” to private enterprises

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Quanzhou private economy development conference in 2022, Chen xinhua) afternoon, February 6, 2022, quanzhou private economic development conference held in quanzhou people’s hall, around 1000 entrepreneurs, the banking institutions and industry association director, as well as cities and counties in two levels of four sets of team leaders and relevant departments at the main venue, head of the participant.Plan to promote the new development of private economy, and create “Jinjiang experience” new brilliance.Private economy is the biggest characteristic and the biggest advantage of Quanzhou.The first agenda of the meeting is to issue “Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government on the further support of high-quality development of private enterprises several measures”.In order to further stimulate the vitality of the private sector, create a more targeted policy system and a better business environment, and promote the high-quality development of private enterprises, the newly released measures build on last year’s “nine awards, eight subsidies and seven services” preferential policies. (Earlier reported:), further comb made 12 credit enterprise specific measures, including further supporting the enterprise itself to grow 3, strengthen scientific and technological personnel to support 2, further enhance the financial service entity economic mass effect 2, further implement the industrial park of article 1 of the standardized construction, further implement the strategy of quality brand 3, further through policy “the last kilometer” 1 the landing.After the issuance of several measures, Quanzhou formed a “1+1+13” policy system, and initially arranged more than 6 billion yuan of favorable enterprise funds at the city and county levels to comprehensively support the high-quality development of private enterprises.The first “1” of the “1+1+13” policy system is the “Decision on Innovation and Development of” Jinjiang Experience “to accelerate the establishment of the National Demonstration city of private economy” issued last year.↑ : Click the link above to enter H5 to understand the second “1” is the newly released “Several measures to further support the high-quality development of private enterprises”;”13″ means “about further support the implementation of enterprise technology innovation to promote the development of high quality opinions on the printing of quanzhou city, some measures to further support the development of manufacturing high quality notice on the printing of quanzhou economic measures to further strengthen financial service entity notice on the printing of quanzhou digital green technical special notice of the programme of action” on the printing13 special support policies, including the Notice of several Measures to accelerate the development of Quanzhou digital Economy.Quanzhou private economic development Conference held on the afternoon of the 6th released the “1+1+13” policy system, which focused on the “several measures to further support the high-quality development of private enterprises”.The “new gift package” includes 12 “dry goods” for Huiqi enterprises, which will create a more targeted policy system and a better business environment to promote high-quality development of private enterprises.Source | quanzhou evening news editing | | Chen Yueyan audit Huang Changmu town industry Mei-fang Chen news blackout hotline: 85633002 statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn