Such a woman forgive, will only harm the next family

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Mr. Zheng and his wife married for many years, but let him speechless is, from the wedding day, his wife has always pestered him to divorce, until years later, an outdoor encounter, he did not know that his wife had given him a long time to wear a green hat.Mr. Zheng is a businessman, grew up in a poor family, his parents put up with hardships to earn money for his college education.It is said that children of poor families take charge early, which is very consistent with Mr. Zheng’s experience.After graduating from college, he soon got a well-paid job in a big city with his aggressive spirit.With a successful career, it was time to talk about marriage. With his parents expecting to have grandchildren as soon as possible, Mr. Zheng decided to get married in order to fulfill his parents’ wishes.Under the introduction of friends, I met Ms. Ann.Ms. An is also a white-collar professional, beautiful, the kind of person who turns his head when walking on the road.In the beginning, Mr. Zheng was self-aware that he would not be able to conquer such women.But his proud psychology and let him unwilling to give up.Then, go after in expended idea ground some time, two people also developed the relation that suits marriage slowly.Less than a year after their marriage, his wife also gave birth to a child, which made Mr. Zheng’s family feel very happy. They also took more care of Ms. An and thanked her for her efforts for the family.Bad things followed.Soon after the birth of their child, his wife, Ms. An, made an about-face and insisted on divorcing Mr. Zheng.Hard-won family, for Mr. Zheng is very important, he certainly can’t let his wife nonsense, every time is a stern word to refuse.In this way, in two people to fight, the day also make do with a few years.It was only one day that a relative saw Ahn hugging a stranger on the street and told Him.After the event, his wife Ann also openly stated the reason for the divorce.Originally, the character of two people is extremely not suitable.Mr. Zheng loves quietness. He stays at home and seldom goes out except for work.But his wife, Ann, loves to have fun and often goes out drinking and singing with friends.A few days before the couple’s wedding, Ann went out drinking with a group of friends. She got drunk at night and didn’t come home. The next day, she woke up and found herself naked in a hotel bed.Can be married, also dare not tell Mr. Zheng, had to lie to say again.After marriage, when the child was born, Ms. Ann secretly took the child to do a paternity test, confirmed that it was not Mr. Zheng’s child, thinking of divorce in any case, so as to keep things hidden forever.So, she not only no longer maintain the relationship between husband and wife, but also in the outside to find another man, is thinking of early divorce with her husband, but let her unexpectedly, her husband found her cheating after a few years.Understand everything, Mr. Zheng decided to divorce, he did not ask his wife to do anything, just told his wife to look after themselves.To tell you the truth, I really feel sorry for Mr. Zheng when I see here.He was a professional success, but an emotional failure.It’s not that he doesn’t know how to make a marriage work, it’s just that he meets someone else.Others said That Ms Ahn might have wanted to marry, but if her fun-loving nature had not been kept in check, it was only a matter of time before something bad happened.Exasperated is, knowing already made a mistake, but also deliberately conceal the fact and Mr. Zheng married, this is absolutely can not be forgiven, let alone conceal for several years.Not to mention, in these years, whether she did the duty of a wife, know that he was wrong and wrong again and again, invisible to others hurt, not a divorce can cover up.Can only say, this woman is really scheming too deep, but she really scheming, I see not likely.Hurt by others, not to pursue the fault of others, but this kind of harm transferred to the body of her husband, the most poisonous woman heart show incisively and vividly.Therefore, Mr. Zheng can agree to divorce is correct, but easily let go of this woman, should not be generous, but helpless distressed.Also hope lady Ann escaped a disaster at the same time, can repent in time, otherwise, sooner or later will harm others and themselves.