The “Two Kings liu Chang” of Huainan

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Shen Guobing, the only surviving brother of Emperor Wen of The Han Dynasty, established the State of Huainan by Emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty and abolished it by Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty for 81 years.This in 81 years, after four huainan Kings.Earlier, we have talked about the first King of Huainan, King Yingbu.This time, we are going to talk about the second King of Huainan, Liu Chang.1. After the imperial power of Gaozu Liu Bang, the first king of the Han Dynasty with the same surname, was firmly established, the suspicious Gaozu Liu Bang began to purge the founding fathers.Han Xin and Peng Yue were purged one after another in the famous “five Tiger generals” of the founding of the Western Han Dynasty.Sensing that he was about to be purged, Yingbu decided to rebel.Anyway, sooner or later will die, rather than like Han Xin, Peng Yue was wrongfully killed, why not take the initiative, maybe there is a chance of survival.Even if we die, we will die heroic and heroic!Is not losing hero also!So Yingbu rebelled and was defeated.Gaozu took him prisoner and asked him, why do you rebel when I have treated you so kindly?Yingbu answered frankly, Who wouldn’t want to be emperor?You can be the emperor, I can not be?You killed the men of honor who died with you.I and you three views of discord, your virtue is not worthy of my big brother!In 196 BC, Yingbu was killed.King Yingbu of Huainan rebelled against Liu Bang, causing great psychological pressure to gaozu.Liu Bang began to realize the alienation of the hou and vassal states.Also deeply realized, the other surname wang is not reliable.Thus, the idea of enthronement of the same surname wang came into being.Different surname wang rebellion, the same surname wang should not?All the countries in the world have the surname Liu.So liu Bang’s seventh son, Liu Chang, became the second king of Huainan.Liu Chang was the first king with the same surname in han Dynasty history.In the eighth year of The reign of Emperor Gaosu, that is, in 199 BC, Emperor Gaosu Liu Bang passed through the State of Zhao from Dongyuan County.In order to please Gaozu, Zhang Ao, king of Zhao, sacrificed Zhao Ji to Liu Bang.Zhao Ji by Liu Bang’s favor, pregnant next pregnancy.In 198 B. C., Zhao Xiangguan Gao and others in Bailen county attempted to kill Liu Bang was discovered by the court, Zhang Ao was also arrested and convicted, his mother, brothers and concubines were arrested and sent to the Hanoi county government, including Zhao Ji.”I have been favored by your Majesty and I am pregnant,” Jo told her jailer in captivity.The warder truthfully reported that Liu Bang was angry about Zhang Ao and ignored Zhao Ji’s complaint.Zhao Ji’s younger brother zhao and please make sure that the trial food of the Marquis Yang informed The Empress Lu, the empress Lu was jealous, refused to give advice to Liu Bang, the trial food will no longer try to persuade.After she gave birth to a boy, Jo committed suicide in prison.The warder took the newborn baby boy to Liu Bang. Liu Bang regretted and ordered Empress Lu to raise the baby.This baby boy was Liu Chang, who later became the second King of Huainan.It was because of her upbringing since childhood that liu Chang was safe and sound in the period from the death of Gaosu, emperor Hui of Han, to the dictatorship of Liu Ying of Empress Lu in the early Western Han Dynasty.The poor child had escaped that bloody day.If his life had evolved in this way, Then Liu Chang’s short life would not have had the twists and turns that followed.3. Liu Ying, the second emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, died at the age of 24 in 188 BC, the seventh year of Emperor Hui.Under the despotic power of his mother empress Lu, Liu Ying remained a figurehead emperor for seven years, before dying prematurely at the age of 24.After the death of Emperor Hui of Han, Empress Lu ruled for another eight years.These 15 years were the transition period and foundation period of the Han Dynasty from the founding of the state to the rule of culture and landscape, which occupied an important position in history.The history of the Western Han Dynasty ushered in an important node.Liu Long’s life also ushered in an important turning point.Take military group as the main force that represents, launch coup d ‘etat, get rid of Lv empress, undertake cleansing to lv shi group force, kuang fu Han room.Among them, the leader of the military group, is holding a heavy army, in the army prestige of the highest general Chai Wu.Empress Lu died, lu’s forces were basically eradicated.Then the question arises: must someone be chosen to be emperor?At that time, of the eight sons of Liu Bang, only liu Heng, the acting king, and Liu Chang, the king of Huainan, were still alive. The other six sons were dead.Liu Heng and Liu Chang became the only two candidates for the position of emperor.Or it could be liu Heng or Liu Changzhong.After comprehensive consideration, the final choice of acting king Liu Heng.Therefore, Liu Heng became emperor, and this is the third emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, Han Wen Emperor, the famous pioneer and initiator of the “governance of cultural landscape” in history.Thus, Liu Chang, king of Huainan, became emperor Wen’s only living brother, a half-brother.Liu Chang, born tall and powerful, born with a powerful body.Before that, another hero who was crowned as a “powerful kingpin” was xiang Yu, the arch-rival of his father Liu Bang in western Chu.What Liu Bang did not expect was that he had a very powerful son!If Liu Chang were his eldest son liu Ying, how could Liu Bang be afraid of xiang Yu, the powerful king of Western Chu?Liu Chang was proud and insolent because he was the emperor’s only brother.However, the generous Emperor Wen always thought of his brotherly love and absolved him of his SINS.In the third year of emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, Liu Chang made an appearance in Beijing.After he came to Chang ‘an, his attitude was very arrogant and his behavior did not accord with the proprieties a court official should uphold.When he went hunting with the emperor, he not only rode in the same carriage with the emperor, but also often addressed the emperor as “Eldest brother” to show his closeness to the emperor.On top of that, he did something bordering on madness.Although Liu Chang has no impression of his birth mother, he is obsessed with revenge for his birth mother, and the object of revenge is to eat it.One day, Liu Chang and one of his attendants came to Shen Shi Qi’s house pretending to be walking and pretended to ask for an interview. When Shen Shi Qi came out to see him, liu Chang took out the hammer he had hidden in his sleeve and killed Shen Shi Qi with the hammer.Liu Chang was sure that emperor Wen would indulge him, so he put on the cloak of “revenge for his mother”.As expected, Emperor Wen took pity on him and pardoned him out of his brotherly affection.From then on, Liu Chang became even more unscrupulous.After returning to Huainan, he began to be more self-inflated and wanted to make his territory into an “independent kingdom”.Instead of acting in accordance with the decrees of the imperial court, he made his own carriage with a yellow satin umbrella that the emperor could only use, called the orders he issued “rules”, created a new set of laws, appointed and dismissed the officials of Huainan, arbitrarily imposed death sentences, and imitated the authority of the emperor.The actions of Liu Chang, the king of Huainan, were constantly reflected to emperor Wen of Han.But Emperor Wen remained silent and resigned.Under the acquiescence and connivance of the “eldest brother” Han Wendi, Liu Chang, the king of Huainan, became more unrestrained and lost himself.A conspiracy comes unexpectedly, the east window is exposed…In 174 BC, in the sixth year of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, the prime minister, the imperial historian, Zong Zheng, Tingwei and other ministers jointly wrote that Liu Chang, king of Huainan, had sent his men to conspire with Chai Qi, son of Chai Wu, marquis Qipu, in an attempt to rebel in Gukou with 40 chariot cars.In the report, the ministers listed liu Chang’s various illegal activities in a lengthy manner, but gave a brief mention of the rebellion itself.The “chariot” mentioned in Zushu is a kind of rickshaw, which is mainly used to transport the baggage to the army on rough roads.Such rickshaws are the only means of transportation on some rough roads that are impassable by horse and cart.Gukou refers to Gukou County of the Western Han Dynasty, located to the south of today’s Chunhua County of Shaanxi Province, northwest of Jingyang County, here is the northern edge of guanzhong Plain.To the north of Taniguchi prefecture lies a high east-west mountain range, Mt. 9 嵕.The water carved a canyon in the nine 嵕 mountains and flowed into the Guanzhong plain.The so-called valley mouth, in fact, refers to nine 嵕 mountain jingshui valley of the valley.Starting from Changan, Kyoto, the way to the mouth of the valley, into the Jingshui River Valley, and then along the river valley upstream, you can reach the western Han royal one of the most important Summer Palace Ganquan Palace, which is located in today’s Chunhua county ganquan Mountain.The truth of gukou’s rebellion may have been that when Emperor Wen of han went to Ganquan Palace, or on his way back to Chang ‘an, he used 40 chariot chariot to block the rugged mountain valley and then attacked the emperor’s chariot.Although the court-officials strongly suggested that Liu Chang should be beheaded, Emperor Wen of han, under the pressure of public opinion and out of consideration of brotherhood, only sent him to Sichuan.Liu Chang, a fierce man, died of hunger strike on the way.The year was 174 B.C. He was only 24 years old.The second King of Huainan, Liu Chang, rebelled against him and his charges against him.Most views support and agree that Liu Chang was innocent.But he blamed it on his “eldest brother”, Emperor Wen of han.Especially in recent years, Huainan mining and carrying forward heavy historical culture is more and more powerful, and is committed to building an important historical and cultural tourism destination in the Yangtze River Delta. Huainan Kingdom and Huainan King are all historical and realistic topics that cannot be bypassed.The voice for liu Chang’s exoneration and rectification is getting louder and stronger.So, how should look at objectively after all?Based on my study of the early Western Han Dynasty and the history of Huainan State, I put forward my own judgment on this incident: SORTING out liu Chang’s life. His life was very short, only 24 years.Born in prison, motherless in infancy;Empress Lv forced the will of Gaozu, adopted him, although his childhood won’t starve and suffer from cold, but surely won’t get more warmth and love;When he was a boy, he saw countless heads fall, and what kind of power struggle;Youth, he thought and emperor wen relationship is very close, wanton, in the eyes of the heart gradually no king.Taken together, he must have been a robust but simple-minded, reckless young man, who, by the favour and indulgence of his elder brother, had repeatedly violated the laws of propriety.Such a man would not be plotting to assassinate his brother and try to replace him.He had neither the ambition, nor the brains, nor the resourcefulness.At that time, Liu Chang was very powerful in Huainan State, controlling the power of life and death, and most likely controlling the domestic army.Generally speaking, except once a year, the court would not individually recruit princes to the capital unless it wanted to dispose of them.If Liu Long really and Chai Qi et al collusion in rebellion, then the imperial court sent people to recruit, Liu Long why not suspect the truth, so take advantage of the situation of rebellion?But obediently followed the imperial officials to Chang ‘an to be captured?Emperor Gaozu of The Han Dynasty many times the rebellion of vassal Kings, many times because the court conscripted and triggered – vassal Kings themselves in the heart of the ghost, worried about never to return, simply rebel.If Liu Long really and Chai Qi and other people have connections, with his personality, will not be captured without a fight.This also proves that The Guiguchi rebellion case, Liu Long may not know.So, how is this conspiracy case strangely implicated on Liu Long?Let us reason: assuming that the assassination of Emperor Wen of the Han dynasty is successful, we must think of the next plan, which is the question of who will be appointed emperor.When Emperor Wen’s son, Prince Liu Qi, was appointed emperor, it was inevitable that he would be punished in the future. There was no reason for Lao Zi to make his son emperor.The best option, therefore, was to appoint another vassal as emperor, just as the lu coup had done before.Liu Chang, liu Bang’s only living son, was the most obvious choice.Therefore, the first step of the whole plan was to overthrow Emperor Wen of Han, and the second step was to make Liu Chang emperor.If emperor Wen really loved his brother, he would have severely stopped him from continuing to make mistakes. However, emperor Wen tried to persuade him on the surface, but actually continued to connive at him, waiting for him to take the most dangerous step.Taniguchi murder, so that emperor Wendi waiting for a long time finally came.Some people say that Emperor Wen of han finally killed his own brother.Others said liu chang had only himself to blame and had killed himself.But there was at least one fact that could not be denied at any time, Liu Chang touched the bottom line of his eldest brother, Emperor Wen of Han: supreme throne and imperial power.History leaves only a sigh.Statement: the article pictures from the network please contact us in order to pay the manuscript fee directed by Tong Feifei first trial Li Shuyun final trial Shen Guobing ▼ share