The U23 team lost to the UNITED Arab Emirates.The fan spoke up a second time, this time telling the truth

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The U23 team lost to the UNITED Arab Emirates.The fan spoke up a second time, this time telling the truth.Netizens pointed out: this match, U23 players are struggling, but there is really a gap with the opposite side of the technology!One, for example: more than 70 minutes of shooting players stop the ball to stop a little more completely have the space to shoot.On the other hand, their stopping was not good enough.Another example: or 70 minutes that goal, the team has come up at that time if a kick back might have been converted into a goal, lack of some flexibility.Chinese players always think about what they need to do when the ball is really at their feet, rather than anticipating it earlier.The basic skills of the players are really a little poor, but also always want to do some dazzling technical moves, such as: in the process of the match with the heel of the ball many times, the result is the opposite player counter-tackle.Passing and shooting too slowly, leaving plenty of space for goalkeepers and defenders.In the final analysis, Chinese football is the root of the problem, not practical!The player is too flapping!Poor footwork!Lack of reaction on the spot!But the positive thing is that this group of players let people see the effort, the most up to run.I hope Chinese football can be more down-to-earth, do a solid job in youth training, training basic skills.Rather than slogans shout loud, a look at the results through the heart cool.In fact, the U23 players played ok in the second half, basically holding uae down, but unfortunately the finishing was so poor that many chances were wasted, especially the corner kicks or free-kicks in front were flak shots.Lose less when win, per capita income level determines the football world ranking, our two indicators are infinitely close, are 70 world ranking.Be content with that. You were in school and wanted to play world football long ago.Disadvantages: lack of height and weight, loss in the fight, the striker top up, empty midfield can not pass the ball, the defender dare not top up, the three lines are seriously disjoint, the waist is not hard enough is always the man’s hard injury, the right back has been eaten countless times.What really think there is no technical content, technical characteristics, the whole team is civilians, no inferior feeling technology zha, all run open mine, worse than the real one, probably a couple of years we are the top 40 don’t come, then miss now that a gang bosses, but this batch of people really hard, feel limbs developed simple.U23 is stronger than the Vietnam national football team, I don’t know how to practice the passing ball at ordinary times, many of the set pieces are high and slow to the opposing goalkeeper, the side cooperation can only be regarded as amateur team level, several players are tall and big, but the technology is really poor!As a matter of fact, the amount of training and competition in normal times are not enough. Under this special circumstance, everyone of U23 will encounter similar problems.The environment of Chinese football is not unknown to everyone. I think the attitude is better than that of the adult national team.Chinese players are 23 years old, many have not played many games, talent stopper.Some 21 and 20 years old play for the U23 team not because they are so talented, but because there is no one else to choose from.Besides, if really have the level, they would have been in the Super when the main force, there are policies in it, these people rely on the policy to get the main force, can play in the super for a long time not a few bar.Starting from the 2019 season, the current K-League U23 policy will be changed to the U22 policy, and each team must have players under the age of 22 in each match. Specifically, the list of players should include two U22 players, one of whom will start.In Europe, you can’t play in the top league, you can’t play in the second division, you can’t play in the second division, you can’t play in the third division, you can even play in the community competitions. Anyway, there will be a lot of matches.China rarely makes more than five passes after gaining possession of the ball, and teams below that threshold fail to win 80% of the time.If this group of players is already the best of China’s U23 players, it’s a foregone conclusion that the Chinese men’s soccer team will not play in the next 10 years.Now Han Jiaqi can kick the number one door, several old goalkeepers are retired, the other Wu Shaocong is good, the right two to speed no speed position sense is poor, the back as always soft.The goalkeeper was good, reflexes and saves were good, but the kick-off was poor.Fang Hao can dribble as well, but the ball rarely reaches his feet.Dare to fight dare to do action also have their own ideas, the whole is not so bad as imagined, consciousness and coordination still need to be perfect.Our players basically do not have the ability to kick the ball, the ability to improvise needs to be improved.Full strength, a certain tactical thinking.Maybe they feel the ball must be very hot, the national brand common disease, do not take the initiative to catch the ball, forced to take the ball on the rush out of the ball, pass and do not know why to pass, the ball out of the heart of the stone fell to the ground.Not thinking about what a teammate does with the ball, where a teammate can pass the ball, where he should go to receive the teammate, just stand and watch his teammate lose the ball.To tell the truth, this group of players have poor ability wei Shihao that too much.This attitude is no problem, very hard, but the heart is willing and the strength is not enough.What do you think about that?